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The 2019 MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

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The UFC San Antonio card has gotten a main event at pretty short notice. Rafael Dos Anjos and Leon Edwards are taking the spot against each other on just over four weeks notice. It's a fairly quick turnaround for RDA as well, as it was only May when he fought Kevin Lee.

I actually think it's a good fight for both men at this stage. It's the big name win Edwards needs if he's going to step up to the very top of the division. For RDA, he has such an experience edge over the likes of Edwards and Lee that old man stubbornness and know how will play enough of a part for him to beat these younger guys, unless they really and truly are going to be championship level. At this stage you don't beat RDA unless you're capable of challenging for a championship, so it's a good test for both men. 

I'm a fan of Zhang Vs Andrade as well. With the booking of this one fight, this whole division could be completely turned on its head. I like that they went with a challenger that nobody was talking about, yet is still very deserving, being what, 19-1? If Zhang beats Andrade, then there are a tonne of interesting matchups for her. If Andrade wins, then it's still pretty interesting too. Rose, JJ, Suarez, Waterson are all vying for the winner of this one and are all in with a decent claim of getting the next shot. 


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