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Dickish things you're aware you do


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Do you have a bad personality trait that you're aware of but just can't help?

Mine are almost all due to my chronic lack of patience. It doesn't matter if I have all day and am in no rush, I'll still go bananas behind the wheel of a car if anyone has the audacity to drive a little slower than I'd like. I'm awful for tailgating and just driving my blood pressure up unnecessarily. I'll even drive past a petrol station if it looks like there'll be a queue.

It struck me what a twat I am when I arrived at the gym earlier and there was a middle aged woman in front of me at the sign in counter who had obviously never been there before and was a bit doddery. Yet, despite not exactly being in a rush, I couldn't help standing there with a face like a smacked arse and making it obvious how put out I was at having to wait a mere 10 seconds.

Afterwards I know I'm being a knob, but at the time I just can't help it.

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Gosh, where to start! If someone is taking too long at the sink in a public toilet I find myself looming over their shoulder, bouncing on my heels, muttering and tutting to let them know I'm in a rush and just want to wash my hands and be on my way. Yes, yes, your hair is spectacular, but some of us have things to do. 

My wife hates shopping with me because I tend to remark loudly about the price of things in front of the shop assistant. "What? How much? For a bloody bag?! That's insane!" I usually get an elbow in the ribs.

I also belittle people, mostly Americans, when they tell me about their achievements, due largely to jealousy. I just don't have it in me to say, "Hey, that's great, man!"

And adopting a contrary view just to see how people react in a bid to amuse myself. They don't like that, the people.

Listening to vile right-wing punk songs just because they're catchy, despite finding their worldview abhorrent. 

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