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KIng Kong Bundy dead at 61


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3 hours ago, garynysmon said:

It was only recently that I watched his KC shoot interview looking back at WM2. I was always impressed by how he played down everything and wasn't a mark for anything he did. His initial run was before my time, although I've seen his PPV outings, but I remember him in the Million Dollar Corparation during the New Generation era. Its mad that he was only in his mid 30's when he was being pushed as this relic from the 1980's.


RIP Bundy.

I was going to mention that shoot as I only watched it fairly recently, maybe a few months ago. Really entertaining speaker. I didn‚Äôt have a strong opinion on him one way or the other going in but¬†I liked him a lot more¬†by the end¬†of it. Like you say, he¬†wasn‚Äôt a mark for himself and he was also refreshingly outspoken and wasn‚Äôt afraid to give his honest opinion even if it was¬†unpopular¬†¬†- ‚ÄĚAndre was a prick. Oh, you didn‚Äôt know that? He was a prick‚ÄĚ - or something to that effect.¬†

Like most on here, his initial WWF run in the mid 80s was before my time as a fan. I was less than a year old when he had that cage match with Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania. His stint in 94/95 was cack but I did go back to his 85-87 stuff later and thought he was great in the role he had. Not going to pretend he was my favourite big man but he was very effective, had the perfect look and an imposing presence that was ideal opposite Hogan in that era. 

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Not to hijack the post but guys like Bundy are why I fell in love with wrestling and why I can't stand it now. 

In the 80s you either had enormous coked up steroid psychos, giant weird looking monsters, ripped charismatic adonises, or a combination of the 3.

Guys you didn't see outside of comic books or the circus. It was stuff you had (and had no issue with) to pay to see. 

Now they all look like guys you'd pass in the street without notice. 

Look at the brute here and tell me he doesn't look like he'd kill 3/4 of the roster. 


Hulk was about 320lbs jacked to the roof and Bundy looked like a beast Hogan may not conquer! 

That's how monstrous he was. 

Guy looked like a serial killer in a monster freak body. 

Luke Grossburger from Stir Crazy only 100000x more evil! 


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14 hours ago, kidzero said:

Was bundy grossburger? .. I loved stir crazy but haven't seen it in years

No, I used to get them mixed up as well, but Grossberger was this guy, who also played Dynamo in 'The Running Man'.

Always liked Bundy. He inspired the name of the best TV sitcom character ever - Al Bundy.

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21 hours ago, IANdrewDiceClay said:

Absolute thick cunt.


Maybe this ‚ÄėKing Kong Buddy‚Äô fellow coincidentally¬†died yesterday as well as Bundy. And just happened to have a green tongue and eat turnbu...yeah, he‚Äôs a thick cunt.¬†

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6 hours ago, Pier Six Brawler said:


One thing wrestling is sorely missing nowadays is big guys like Bundy, Earthquake and One Man Gang. 

Enough people on here know how much I like "Immovable Object"-type fat monsters - I hadn't seen a good one since (and it was truly an excellent re-packaging seeing as how crap Viscera was) Big Daddy V. It seemed Brodus Clay might do it, but it turns out he was better at the fun stuff.

1 hour ago, alanchiz said:

No, I used to get them mixed up as well, but Grossberger was this guy, who also played Dynamo in 'The Running Man'.

Always liked Bundy. He inspired the name of the best TV sitcom character ever - Al Bundy.

He was also in the 70s gang movie The Wanderers as well.

18 hours ago, SuperstarNeilC said:

Because of the shared surname, in my mind King Kong Bundy was always indelibly linked with the notorious serial killer Ted Bundy who slaughtered dozens of innocent young women during the 1970s.


Wouldn't swear to it, but I'm pretty sure that was the intention behind the choice of name.

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Always loved this one:


Legit looks like some evil c**t you'd cross the road to avoid. 

Like a giant, monstrous, f****d up, psycho humpty dumpty. 

On this occasion I love the bland as f**k packaging. Suited him down to the ground. Guy didn't need colour, spangles or tassels! 

Helped immensely I think that unlike Sid (who I love) all his offence looked legit and like it was killing you!




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