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Invent a believable wrestling lie


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Several decades ago Vince McMahon began experiementing with cloning techniques, with the end goal being to be able to reproduce and recreate all of his wrestlers over and over again forever. Newly contracted talent would be required to provide DNA samples for the purposes of the experiment. The techniques were flawed and the experiment was unsuccessful. And that’s how we ended up with Fake Razor and Diesel.

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Matt Hardy's inspiration for his Broken character was Noel Edmonds

Mick Foley was heard complaining about how expensive this shop was when visiting the U.K., when asked what the shop was he shook his head and muttered "Poundland"

Koko's parrot Frankie was the first to leak insider information to Dave Meltzer. 

Vince has finally caught up with pop culture, he watched The Simpsons on the Tracy Allman show.




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"Card subject to change" is a control phrase that sends Brian Dixon into an epileptic fit. He has banned its use on his event posters because of it.

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