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Was Will Smith ever any good?

Was Will Smith ever good?  

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Only because he hasn't tried.  Tommy C could spit one verse and it would decimate Willy. "A new Will Smith Movie? We're all gonna miss this Stepping up to The Cruiser, that's Risky Business

He was alright, but wouldnt put him in the same league as his British counterpart Richard Blackwood. I did own the album Big Willie Style. I recall getting both that and Chef Aid for Christmas and for

You do know that if you sample a song it doesn't have to be about the same thing right?

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Really missed a trick by not having "Aww, hell naw" as an option here.

I think his cameo in good shit film Jersey Girl deserves a mention too. He gets the plaudits for Hitch but that's big Kevin James' film.

Aladdin will be shit though, genie looks weird and as mentioned Aladdin looks like a middle aged man.

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I'd say he was great. His performances in

pursuit of happiness, fantastic

i am legend, fantastic

i robot, not a fan of the film, but he was good

bad boys 1 and 2, perfect

independence day, really good film, really good performance

fresh prince, he eventually became great in his role, playing silly and serious parts well

seven pounds, excellent

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Admittedly, he did lose all interest in my opinion about 10 years ago. It's like the rock, he got better and better, films got better and better, give or take a few shit ones, but as great as he is, and i LOVE the rock as an actor, he will in a few years start making absolute boring irrelevant films. it's just the way it goes

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...Factoter is correct. It's an OK action film with fun sequences and big screen special effects, but it's not great, and doesn't hold up on re-watches, and certainly not on a small screen.

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