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Was Will Smith ever any good?

Was Will Smith ever good?  

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I can't think if a single one of his films that I would happily sit through and watch. Fresh Prince will always hold a place in my heart and I still enjoy watching the re-runs on Comedy Central but more so for characters aside from Will (Carlton and Geoffrey).

His music is pants. I did love Boom Shake the Room in the early 90's but I was still in primary school and had no real taste.

His kids seem like typical 'I'm misunderstood and special' Hollywood brats.

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Only because he hasn't tried.  Tommy C could spit one verse and it would decimate Willy. "A new Will Smith Movie? We're all gonna miss this Stepping up to The Cruiser, that's Risky Business

He was alright, but wouldnt put him in the same league as his British counterpart Richard Blackwood. I did own the album Big Willie Style. I recall getting both that and Chef Aid for Christmas and for

You do know that if you sample a song it doesn't have to be about the same thing right?

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The Pursuit Of Happiness and Enemy Of The State are both excellent films and he is brilliant in both. Films like Independence Day and Hitch he was fine but he's pretty standard in them.

He's had so many films that he is absolutely horrific in/are all round terrible though.

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35 minutes ago, Chest Rockwell said:

The re-runs on tv are unwatchable for me because they do that blurry vision thing on the sides of the screen to compensate for the fact it's in 4:3; so fucking distracting.

Urgh. I caught The Sweeney on ITV4 the other week and they have zoomed and cropped the original picture to force it wide-screen and it looks atrocious. 

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Have always thought he was good fun in films. Not amazing by any means. If anything he has probably made some films better than they should be because he is in it. 

Special mention for Hitch, thought he was great in that and I don't usually like them films but even if its on TV now I could watch it for a cheap laugh. 

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6 hours ago, gmoney said:

You can stroke your chin listening to your Bob Dylan and your Math Rock, I'll be at the club dancing to my man big Will and K-Ci. 

No Dylan. It will probably be Steps, The Kinks or Chas and Dave

6 hours ago, Chest Rockwell said:

That's just patently nonsense. Friends is still as good as it ever was and there's only a few awkward bits that haven't dated well.

And all that would have happened with your latter point is that Django would have been a much worse film. 

You're really consistently almost on the right side of an argument and always for the wrong reasons, soapdish. I know opinions are subjective and all but... damn if you don't give that notion a run for its money.

I think it’s because I’ve had to sit through Friends so many times. There are bits that really make me laugh still, but it’s no Frasier or Seinfeld which I think are still funnier today.

As to Django. Could be right. But Tarantino is the kind of director to get a really good performance out of an average actor. I mean just look at Travolta in Pulp Fiction. I get the feeling people are to scared to try and make him act because he’s Will Smith, hence so many average and samey performances  

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9 hours ago, Hannibal Scorch said:

There are bits that really make me laugh still, but it’s no Frasier or Seinfeld which I think are still funnier today.

Well no shit. It wasn't as good add either of those when it aired the first time around. That doesn't mean it hasn't aged well!

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I think he's a perfectly solid action film actor. He made Independence Day fun, I liked his performance in The Pursuit of Happyness, and I enjoyed I, Robot and felt he played a serviceable lead in that.

Didn't think he should've played Deadshot, but then he wasn't the worst of the many shit choices made regarding Suicide Squad.

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