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Which was better, ECW or WCCW?

Brewster McCloud

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I was a huge ECW fanboy back in the day, it was the perfect promotion for a teenager bored with the WWF and it tapped into my desire to rebel against the mainstream at the time. Those tapes from Rob Butcher were manna from heaven for me in the mid-90s. Watching it back now, though, I can see how stupid a lot of it was. The last ECW match I watched was on a second-hand DVD I picked up in CEX, anticipating a nostalgia trip - it was Funk and Cactus Jack VS the Public Enemy and I got about 5 minutes in before switching it off. There were DDTs on chairs within the opening moments that only got a 2 count and I thought "fuck this". I could see what Jim Cornette rants about. What pumped my nads 20 years ago almost horrified me as a near middle-aged man. Not that I'll rubbish all of it: ECW did a lot of things right and there were so many great promos and angles in front of a rabid crowd. Stevie, the Meanie and Raven remain some of my favourite characters. 

Which brings me to... WCCW. Like ECW, it also had a rabid crowd and a lunatic promoter who gave no fucks about the performers' health. The Freebirds/Von Erichs feud has to be the greatest in wrestling history, and they created magic in Dallas for a brief period before it all went to shit, much like ECW. You had Brody, Kimala, Flair, Chris Adams and the Missing Link - all great. So, UKFFers, which do you prefer? Chair shots, metal theme songs and juice in Philly, or good ole Christian boys whuppin the dastardly outsider heels in the South?

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