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Woah Woah WrestleMania - Dis-cussion thread - pump it up, pump it up. *HOF spoilers*

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The OG Hart Foundation (Bret, Anvil and James Hart) are going in. No Danny Davis. Dont know if they're the headliners, though.

Also, Rajah.com reports the team of Hillbilly Jim and Little Beaver are going in this year, so we maybe getting another Hillybilly Jim speech.

The last line might be a lie by me.

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Most fans weren't born back then.

I’m still on the subway. Fucking brilliant show! Kofi did it! My boyhood dream has come true, and I reckon he might have tapped out on that last submission if I wasn’t screaming at him to not give up.

Ricky Mortan with a Step Up-Canadian Destroyer in 2019  

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5 minutes ago, Sheffbag said:

For the female id go with Miss Elizabeth. Shes not in yet is she? 

Bit awkward reminding everyone how she tragically rolled a 7 so young, ran over by the Lex Express.

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4 minutes ago, TildeGuy~! said:

Misawa has never been involved with WWE has he? They’d never put him in.

Fujinami went in a couple of years ago.

I know her work is all a bit out of the PG era but Godfather went in so surely Sable is due her turn. And with Brock in WWE, I can't imagine negotiations would be tough. 

Of course, Chyna is the most deserving female as it stands and now that she can't take the mic they might go for it. 

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