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UFC Wichita: Lewis vs Dos Santos - Mar 9 🇺🇸

Who wins and how?   

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The main card (barring Boetsch Vs Akmedov) was a fun set of fights to watch yesterday afternoon. 

Dariush Vs Dober was a good scrap and Dover looked like he had Dariush in trouble a couple of times before succumbing to that brutal looking armbar. 

Rothwell Vs Ivanov certainly wasn't a robbery, but I'll admit I did a double take when Blagoy's name was the one called out. I thought Ben edged R1, and clearly won R3, with Ivanov taking R2. You can't have too many complaints though when you leave it in the judges hands in a super close fight. There are a lot of options for fights for both guys, following this one with Ivanov being fairly new to the promotion and Rothwell making a return. 

I was surprised at Elizeu rolling through Millender so quickly. Millender had been a bit of a highlight this past year or so. Hopefully he can get back on track in his next fight out though, but a good win here for Dos Santos, he definitely needs a highly ranked guy next after making that look so easy. 

Price Vs Means was exactly what it said on the tin, just pure violence. Absolutely nobody would look forward to fighting either of these two men, as both are stubborn as fuck and keep eating shots whilst coming forward and throwing leather all day. It was a crazy finish too, with Means having Price hurt and as he goes in to finish the job, Price waffles him, knocks him out cold and breaks his ankle and leg at the same time. Have to feel awful for Means, at this stage of his career that's an awful injury to pick up. I'm not sure Niko goes that far in the division, but he's a highlight of any card he's on and nobody is going to get an easy night's work against him. On the 528 shows a year that the UFC have, the more Niko Price's there are, the better. 

The main event was destined to end up as a slug fest, and that it did. I was so conflicted as I didn't want either man to lose, but what I was hoping for the most was that JDS wouldn't end up sparked out, so all's well that ends well in that regard. I think JDS skills are still up there with anybody in the division, the question about him in recent years is all down to the damage he's taken, but the speed, reflexes, power and conditioning are all still there at a damn sight higher a level than the majority of the heavyweights. 

If JDS was to fight DC, Cain, Stipe, Overeem, Ngannou etc all in the future I wouldn't be one bit surprised to see him win or lose against all of them. He has the qualities to beat everyone of them, but we still have that feeling that he's a bit worn out when it comes to absorbing damage. Having said that, at HW everyone is going to get knocked out at some point, but as long as you hold that one shot power you can have the comeback, as we have seen time and again. 

If the Cormier fight with Lesnar can happen, I'd do that and match and let JDS continue to try and have a run against whoever is available when he is ready to go. If Lesnar isn't fighting though, I'd go to Dos Santos for Cormier. Miocic has sat out too long to get an automatic re-match (and immediate rematches are bullshit anyway) and I don't want to see DC drop to LHW to try and fight Jones again, so Dos Santos or Lesnar for next crack at Cormier please. 

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