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Books on eBay: Heenan's (1st), Mantell's, Blassie's, Capetta's

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I've been putting off a clear-out for about ten years but finally got around to organising myself a couple of weeks ago. I put some wrestling books on eBay and a few are still looking for new homes. They have bids on them but only for small amounts. Time runs out very shortly (i.e. 16 hours from when I'm posting this) -- I said I'm disorganised!


Bobby the Brain: Wrestling's Bad Boy Tells All: hardcover, read once: current bid £9.50


The World According to Dutch: Dutch Mantell: current bid £0.99


Legends of Wrestling: Classy Freddie Blassie - Listen, You Pencil Neck Geeks: current bid £2.85


Bodyslams!: Memoirs of a Wrestling Frontman by Gary Michael Cappetta (1st edition): current bid £2.47

I'll be adding a few more bits at some point, including some real rarities (Pure Dynamite, first edition) and some otherwise, um, kitsch items.

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