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2 VIP tickets for The undertaker London April 30th !!!!!

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Hey guys

i have 2 vip tickets for the upcoming Undertaker appearrance, hosted by the fella's of Inside the ropes, but due to some personal struggles i will probably not be able to attend so i need to sell these, as heartbreaking as it is since i was really looking forward to this.

These were 300£ tickets each, so definatly not cheap, whch is all the more reason i am needing to sell these...the last thing i can use in life right now is to see 600£ of my hard earned money go to waste like this,that would be throwing salt in an already open wound!

i am not looking for any profit whatsoever... the goal is just to get the ticket value back.

My tickets are for the LONDON date, april 30th, and our tickets were listed as "COMBO VIP" on their website, which means early entrance , meet & greet  and photo/authograph ops.

this has been sold out a long time, so for any serious 'taker fan this is a second chance to still be able to attend.

2 VIP tickets - 600£- paypal accepted/preffered since i am from belgium, i think paypal is the easiest/safest payment method available.

Event details can still be read at https://insidetheropes.co.uk/undertaker/

Respond here or email  Jellegeets@hotmail.com




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i know bumping is not allowed but i did want to put this in the spotlight again since it got many views so i figured some people might of been on the fence about this....i might still be willing to sell these if anybody is seriously interested, even if you can not afford the full ticket value price of 600£, i will consider any serious offers; But no lowball offers please

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