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The Best Pop Song Of All Time

Frankie Crisp

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I was thinking about this last week. I stuck the current charts on Spotify and it was just utter shite. 6 of the top 10 were marked "explicit". Whatever happened to subtlety? Not that it's all rubbish, the kids play that Shotgun song which is really catchy. [/Grandad]

I don't have an answer, it's too hard. It's gonna be something by S Club 7 though. They're gonna show you how.

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8 minutes ago, Sergio Mendacious said:

Gladstone messing around aside, it’s got to be something by ABBA. Voulez Vous, probably. Outside shot for “glass of Champagne” by Sailor.

SOS is the best ABBA song, and second best pop song. The best is Sometimes by Erasure. 

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