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Best guy to never win the Big One (post 2000 edition)


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It's a well trod thread on here to ask the question "who's the best to never win the world title" and everyone says Ted diabiase or Scott Hall and then we all go home. Well here's the twist: who's the best guy to never win the WWE or World title since 2000 when they started giving it away. 

Play the game in the spirit, they don't have to have debuted after 2000, but it has to be someone for whom it wouldn't be completely ridiculous for them to have won it post 2000 by that point in their career . No Scott Halls, but if you think you can make an argument for William Regal then shine on. 

Ive been racking my brains about this, and honestly I think it has to be Kofi Kingston. If they'd capitalised in that feud with Orton, he could've really shot up the card, but they clearly weren't ordered about doing that. A short underdog run beating some of the big boys who were underestimating him wouldve been really fun! 

Over to you!

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I have no idea how Rusev never got a chance at the belt at least as a foreign heel who gets beat by John Cena type. Around the time he was coming on tanks would have been a good chance to capitalise. Other than that I can't of many either.

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