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Who do people say you look like?


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Well who? I have been accused of looking like several. Good and bad.


Good - Oliver Reed, George Best, fatter Tom Hardy, fatter Gerard Butler

Neutral - Geoff Capes.

Bad - Bluto, Desperate Dan

Fucking abhorrent - Demis Roussos. I nearly cried for a week after being given that one.

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Danny Dyer. I look nothing like him, but when me and Butch were out for a pint a year or two ago, a homeless bloke called me it in front of him which went down a treat.

Used to get Tim Henman in the mid-nineties, but my appalling diet and lack of self-care in my twenties soon put that one to bed.

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I vary the length of my hair often so that plays a factor in the following

Good - Nuno Bettencourt, Milan Baros, Juan Pablo Sorin, Juan Pablo Angel.  

Don't see it myself - Daniel Day-Lewis, Robert Pires, Johnny fucking Depp.

The worst thing ever said to me - "You look a bit like Bono".  She tried to smooth things over with "He not a bad looking bloke" but I was already heading to the toilet to try and flush myself down it.

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Used to get told I looked like Noel Fielding all the time when I had longer hair. With short hair, Phil Neville. 

One of the more recent ones, bizarrely yet surprisingly accurately, was Holly Walsh, when she still had short hair.

If you've never met me, please don't try an imagine a mash-up of those three people.

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