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Quitting Social Media


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Even if you say, exercised your right to be forgotten under GDPR, I imagine companies like Facebook would “forget” to erase all of your data, or they would have just happened to have been a bug at the time you requested your data be erased that made sure it wasn’t fully erased. And even if they did erase all of your immediate data, they’ll have extrapolated so much metadata from it that as soon as you re-registered they’d be able to identify you and re-create those links and connections so you start seeing the same pages, adverts, friend suggestions, and so on.

Besides, you don’t even need to be a Facebook user for them to track you. Just the other day, The Independent had an article on how they’re tracking users through other, third-party apps such as Duolingo on Android: https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/facebook-android-privacy-data-tracking-skyscanner-duolingo-a8708071.html

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Wow, that article from the Independent is really interesting Khemical. Interesting enough someone could even start a thread on a forum about quitting social media as the basis of it. 

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