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The 2019 Royal Rumble (s) Surprise Entrant Pool


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Dread it, run from it... the Rumble arrives just the same. This year it is 27th January and that means there are just under 4 weeks to pick who you want to turn up in the match(es) as a surprise entrant.

Last year's Rumbles had loads of surprise entrants. Andrade 'Cien' Almas, Adam Cole, The Hurricane and Rey Mysterio all turned up unexpectedly in the men's match, and the women's match gave us Lita, Kairi Sane, Torrie Wilson, Molly Holly, Michelle McCool, Vickie Guerrero, Kelly Kelly, Jacqueline, Beth Phoenix and Trish Stratus. Almost more surprises than expected entrants in that one.

But for some idiotic reason, we never got to see An Ultimate Warrior Hasbro, Mab or The Protestor Nicholas Witchell Sat On in the Rumble.


What do you do?

Pick up to 3 people, animals or minerals you want to turn up! 

Include a picture if you like, and a brief description of what they'll do and how they'll get on in the match if you can.

You don't need to specify which Rumble your picks will appear in - picks are valid across both the men's and women's matches.



Nobody on the current active main WWE rosters is eligible. Exceptions are if you change their gimmick (Bubba Poon, Les Miz etc) or if they're currently out on long-term injury (unless their return has been advertised - so Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are not eligible).

NXT and NXT UK wrestlers are eligible, unless their move to the main rosters or entry in a Rumble has already been announced (so EC3, Lacey Evans and so on are not eligible).

Part timers and Legends are only eligible if they stay off TV prior to the Rumble.

Only the specific gimmick you pick will count. If you pick Molly Holly and Mighty Molly shows up, no points.

Big Boss Man is not eligible due to long-running joke reasons.

Don't be boring.


Enough talking. Let's Rumble! Who do you want to show up on the 27th?


Picks so far

@air_raid - Santina Marella / Jessamyn Duke / Marina Shafir

@Alex Wright Mark - Big Willy Omar / John Fashanu / Whigfield

@Bellenda Carlisle - Kelly Kelly / Killer Kelly / Kevin Kelly

@big7thletter - Billy Gunn / Rikishi / Ken Shamrock

@bigfoote  - Pete Dunne / Radzi Chinyanganya from NXT UK / Jamie Noble / Brodus Clay

@Briefcase - Chris Jericho

@CleetusVanDamme - Ernest 'the Cat' Miller

@cobra_gordo - Paul Chuckle / Muppet Man / Even Better Than That Man from The Fast Show

@Devon Malcolm - Scott Hall / Kevin Nash / X-Pac

@El Mistique - Pete Rose / Chris Masters / Festus / Straight Edge Luke Gallows

@eugenespeed - Eric Bischoff / The Berzerker / John Madden

@Fatty Facesitter - Velveteen Dream / Hugh Jackman

@gabbo - Barry George / Mr T / Jo Guest

@garynysmon - Hacksaw Jim Duggan / Hornswoggle / Austin Aries

@Gordon_The_Gopher - Kevin Clifton / Joe Sugg / Shawn Michaels

@Grecian - The Gruffalo / Tatanka / himself

@hallicks - Asimo / Jimmy Snooker / Morrissey

@HarmonicGenerator - A-1 / Buck Dixon / Julia Chang from Tekken 3

@jazzygeofferz - Stephen Toast / Ray Purchase / Haku (or Meng)

@Kaz Hayashi - The Warlord / "JOHNSON!" / Zeus

@kickin it wit the kliq - Geoff Capes / Spuggy from Byker Grove / The Godfather

@Killjoy_Gee - Simba / Goldberg / DDP / Louis Theroux / Tom Cruise

@libertine - Peter Beardsley / 2 Squat Debbies / someone called Grimes

@Loki - Carlito / Rhea Ripley / Scott Steiner

@Lorne Malvo - Marcel Barthel / Scotty 2 Hotty / Bradley Walsh

@neil is brill - DARK BAYLEY

@Onyx2 - Max from Streets Of Rage 2 / King / Zangief

@Otto Dem Wanz - 'The Deadman' John Pertwee / Lauren Harries / Archibald Leitch

@PowerButchi - Paul Mariner / Elton Welsby / June Sarpong

@Really Big Shoe - Gary Strydom

@Richard - WALTER

@Sheffbag - Ric Flair's wife / Nick Knowles (or Jeff Jarrett) / Mr Blobby / Becky Lynch (Men's Rumble)

@The King Of Swing - Stephanie McMahon / Io Shirai / Brother Love

@TildeGuy~! - Hulk Hogan / Andre the Giant Panda / Kenny Omega

@Tommy! - Gangrel / Al Snow / Adam Bomb

@Vegeta - Harry Redknapp / Niko Krancjar / Lady Gaga


My picks:

1) We're about four or five entrants into the men's match, and there's a few midcarders in there, including Raw Tag Champion Bobby Roode and new SmackDown Tag Champion Eric Young. The countdown goes off and a voice is heard throughout the arena.



Remember me?

We used to make an IMPACT together."

The crowd murmurs.



Remember me? Remember our tag team?

We used to drink BEER. You paid because you had MONEY."

Now the crowd gets it.

Could it be? Is he here?



'The First Man On Any Alphabetical List Of Wrestlers' charges to the ring to take on his Team Canada mates. Within about 30 seconds, 'Britain's Longest Road' is eliminated by Roode and Young, but the door is now opened for Johnny Devine to turn up in 2020.


2) We're nearing the final stages of the men's match. In the ring are AJ Styles, Finn Balor, Shinsuke Nakamura, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. There's a bit of a New Japan vibe, so when the countdown goes off, and the word 'YOUNG' appears on the screen, there's somewhat of a buzz.

"They're ... all elite ... in the Rumble right now Maggle, but who's this up next?"

"Could it be?"

The letter B follows ... then U ... C ... K ... the crowd's going wild, and understandably so. Because this is just too sweet...


'YOUNG' BUCK DIXON slopes to the ring, paunch hanging over his plain black shorts! Take that, AEW! Styles hits him with a Cross Rhodes, Gallows and Anderson double-superkick him, Shinsuke hits a V-Trigger and finally Finn launches him back outside with a RAAAAAIIIIINMAKER even though I know Okada's not one of the Elite. But this is Vince sending a message, and the message will be received.


3) About two-thirds of the way into the women's match and people are at the stage where they're just waiting for Becky Lynch to win. But she's about to face her hardest test.



Julia comes in like an iron fist and hits everyone with her signature throws. Fisherman Suplexes and Death Valley Drivers abound. She's doing this for her mother Michelle!

Eventually it comes down to Lynch and Chang. Becky wins but only because the Bella Twins distract Julia by being dressed like Nina and Anna Williams. Once she recruits Panda in February, the Women's Tag Title match for WrestleMania is set.




Your turn!

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Julia and Michelle Chang - the ultimate mother/daughter polygonal Tekken sandwich. 

Hit it! 


Get the modern day sexual chocolate in early doors. I'd have an established name come in at #1, then have the Dream come in at #2 for an absolutely massive pop - also means his entrance isn't as rushed as it would be later in the match, and he can milk it for all it's worth. Also he goes on to win the whole thing, the title at Wrestlemania and obviously goes on to become the biggest star in company history. 

The Greatest Showman goes for the Greatest Showcase? 


Fourth on the all time list of celebrity Norwich City fans behind only Delia Smith, Stephen Fry and Ed Balls, Hugh will be a surprise addition to this year's Rumble as he gets set to promote his upcoming solo arena tour. The Jackman already has previous in WWE, infamously clobbering Zack Ryder on an episode of Raw many years back, so expect some fireworks there. On a similar mustard-related note - Grant Holt will also get a call from WWE head office, but he's already locked into a seven figure multi-fight deal with WAW and thus ineligible. 

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Gangrel: he'll mince to the ring with his mug of ribena to no heat and get thrown out in quicker than the time it took him to waddle down the ramp. 

Al Snow: he'll bounce to the ring with his cheap manikin head to no heat and get thrown out in quicker than the time it took him to headbang on the stage. 

Adam Bomb: he'll get thrown out double quick and to tragically little heat from the bomb squad. 

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Eric Bischoff,  -  Off the back of the success of his 83 weeks Podcast, the Bish wants to try and take on WWE again. 

The Bezerker, - Huss!

John Madden - feeling threatened by the XFL, Madden comes out of retirement and has his day in the wrestling ring. 

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The counter hits zero and a familiar "Ellllooooooooooooooo" booms through the P.A speakers and the Chucklevision theme hits! It's Paul Chuckle! Paul wastes time doing the Hogan ear-cupping thing to both halves of the arena while they duel chant "To me!" "To you!". The referee looks incredibly familiar and he berates Paul and tells him "No slacking" and makes him get in the ring.



We're half way through the match. There's two competitors in the ring as the buzzer goes. It's Muppet Man! Muppet Man walks awkwardly down the ramp and in to the ring and gets promptly eliminated when the other entrants realise it's three puppets in a coat and they're booted in turn over the top rope.



We're getting towards the end of the match now as entrant number 29 is about to be revealed. The crowd is at fever pitch and the anticipation can be felt around the arena. Who will it be? Is it an NXT call up? Is it Kenny Omega? Will it be Roman Reigns making his heroic return. No, it's even better than that! It's Even Better Than That Man from The Fast Show! He's carrying a Victorian toilet roll holder, some brass bicycle clips and a small bottle of squid ink whilst his wife still doesn't have the eggs she asked for.



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#30 of the womens rumble. left in the ring are Alexa, Sasha and Charlotte. Bell sounds and a strange choral music plays, The WWE universe wonders why the wedding march is on then she appears..

45246303412_1f6c6cfb4a_b.jpgTHE CURRENT MRS FLAIR !! (2018 edition)

accompanied by the man himself, they share a tongue sandwich before she enters the ring causing Alexa and Sasha to barf up all over the canvas enabling Charlotte to slide them over the top rope. 

Mens rumble

Elias is alone in the ring after clearing it in the middle boring section that no one cares about when the music starts "When the rain is blowing in your face...."



He's here to prove he is the true musician in WWE and the only #1 itunes artist (for about an hour). They slug it out for 90 seconds before Double JJ comes down and the 3 of them unite and do an impromptu rendition of Nick's good friends, Biffy Clyro's, "Many of Horror"

3rd choice as always - Mr Blobby managed by Emperor Edmonds

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I spit in the face of people who don't want to be boring... uh... so

1) Fresh off his tv stardom in Netflix series GLOW, I expect a top billing for everyone's favourite mid-00s mid card mid-talent WWE superstar, Carlito!



2) She could crush me like a grape, and makes my winky go funny, so she's a cert for the women's rumble , Rhea Ripley!



3) He got a mention on Smackdown this week, a clear sign he's out of the doghouse (oooh oooh oooh), so spin up the sirens and give the fucking mike to Scott Steiner!



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The Warlord - He’s back on the road and I’m sure that he and Vince can bury the hatchet. He’s only 56. He needs to win back his Rumble record of quickest elimination.  2019 could be the year.


Alan Johnson - Once he pulls on those driving gloves¬†and ‚ÄėOcean Drive hits¬†the PA, it can mean only one thing, ‚ÄúJohnson is here, Johnson is here‚ÄĚ. He‚Äôs here for one reason and one reason only...


Zeus - He’s heard Hogan is back and that and has been keeping his wandering eye on Hulks escapades for the last 20 years. He’s not happy and he wants to pull his racist bollocks off. He plans to win the rumble and face then WWE Champion Hogan at Mania, in a Brooke in a Shark Cage match.


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