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Stand up comedy thread


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I'm shocked there isn't a thread for this already so let's make one.

Im a huge stand up fan I love it so much it cheers me up everytime I'm having a bad day with my mental health so what stand ups do we all like and followĀ 

I am in love with jim jefferies I only discovered him this year and have watched his specials like 10 maybe more times absolutely fucking incredible and he is touring in the new year with a new show.

Russell Brand, Ricky gervais, joe lycett, Kevin bridges are all up there on my top list of stand upsĀ 


So what are you all into if any and does it have the same effect to you as it does ne with my depression and bi polarĀ 

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1 minute ago, Kfogg1991 said:

Fuck sake I searched for oneĀ 

The search function is awful on here, best bet for searching is google "UKFF + (thread)", or start one and wait for a sad act like me to find the old one for you!

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