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Merry Christmas!


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10 hours ago, Frankie Crisp said:

Best part of my day was my Dad telling me that Home Bargains had washing-up liquid at half price then he opened the cupboard under the sink to show me eleven bottles of the stuff.


My grandad could never resist stocking up on washing up liquid when it was on offer. My gran used the final bottle of his haul eight years after he died (and he'd been pretty much housebound for the two years before that).

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On 25 December 2018 at 9:11 PM, d-d-d-dAz said:

Merry Christmas you beautiful people.

I’m moving to New York permanently tomorrow. Shitting myself. As someone who’s prone to anxiety, the eyelid twitching-head aching-belly grumbling stress has kind of put a dampener on today 😂


Just read this. Best of luck mate. Don't forget about the UKFF. You've always persevered. You'll make a success of this too. What's taking you to NY?

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