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Celebrities You Hate (for no apparent reason!)


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Its the season to be jolly so I thought I would start a thread about all things celebrity hating to get me in the mood. 

Firstly Happy Christmas and have a good New Year.

So the topic is quite simple... which celebrities do you dislike for no apparent reason/for petty reasons? 

1) James Corden - The smug face, the 'I'm so funny' attitude, his constant calling on other higher list celebrities to bring the eyeballs, I just find him hideous though I am sure he is a really nice guy. He thinks he is so much funnier than he actually is and it's a little nauseating.

2) Nicole Kidman - bland, wooden actress with a face I can't stand. One I really don't know why I dislike agh.

3) Kylie Minogue - 'pop princess' is hugely overrated in my view and I don't trust anyone that hasn't aged since they were 20. Again probably very sweet and nice but no. 

4) TOWIE twats. Don't get the fuss and they are famous for NOTHING. 


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Alan Sugar, David Gold, and quite a few millionaire cock-er-neys who can afford anything on the planet except a safety razor. Act your wallet FFS.

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1 hour ago, Michael_3165 said:

But nothing that can be substantiated. It is all opinion but its not like any of them have a Jimmy Saville history!

Jimmy Savile has a "Jimmy Savile history" and he got nominated?

Unless you stuck the extra "L" into his name on purpose and it's  NOT that corpse bumming nonce from Leeds?

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