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I have come to the realisation that as far as staying at hotels in England I'm not that experienced. I mean I have obviously stayed in a few over the years, however its rare.The last time I stayed in a hotel was in Iceland last year as a bundle so it was going off the reputation of the travel agent. If ever I'm out and about in a different city (being from West Yorkshire) I can most usually drive home after an event ( I don't drink), but I have purchased a weekend pass for the For the love of wrestling convention in Liverpool next April and wanted to know a few thing I can't seem to find online being a novice at staying at hotels. From reading different bits of UKFF it seems some on here regular travel up and down the country so wanted to ask a few questions.


i know the budget brands are Premier inn, ibis and others but what are solid mid range/ upper hotels I've been recommended Hilton however some relatives have said its not as good as it once was. 


When staying over after a Wrestling event or concert or wedding or whatever what chain do you usually go for? What chain to avoid?


And whats a good average rate you'd expect to pay for a hotel in the city centre (I have checked this however booking.con comes up with different averages daily £70 on average yesterday in Liverpool to £180 today which I found bizarre)


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Nothing wrong with a Premier Inn. Nice bathrooms and really comfy beds. 

Slightly higher-end chains are probably Q Hotels (we’ve stayed with them in Warwickshire and Cheltenham and they’re fine - usually they have a pool which is nice) or Macdonald which will be pricier but probably fancier as well.

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You can normally get a better and cheaper room, and better quality sausage on your breakfast looking for locally run independent hotel or B&B on laterooms if you can find one. If you can't afford anything Holiday Inn or higher I'd swerve the chain hotels. Tetanus on toast, and the only thing warm is the beers, certainly not the welcome. Also, the likes of the premier inn and travelodge make staff work for less than minimum wage on housekeeping as they can't leave "till it's done", so they'll work one ti two hours free overtime most days so for the sake of your conscience, don't bother with them.

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Agreed. IHG loyalty is really good and it seems reasonable to actually achieve the free nights. (Helps I'm a Platinum whatjermerjigger I guess).


Premier Inn's always tend to be next to reasonably priced restaurants too. Likely also owned by Whitbread or whatever.

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