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Dynamite Kid Passed Away

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RIP The Dynamite Kid. I’m praying that they pay sky bills for him in heaven.

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On 12/11/2018 at 9:01 PM, PunkStep said:

Yeah I read that. Didn't he ask Davey the same question straight after, who seemed more receptive? And that was that...

Bruce Pritchard tells it that he asked Davey after Dynamite walked away and Davey said "Yeah sure", after Vince had a big smile on his face and said "That went exactly as i hoped", They thought Vince was just being Vince but then it turned out he really did just want Davey Boy back but felt he wouldn't come back unless Dynamite was asked also.


Pritchard basically says Vince never liked Dynamite as a person.

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31 minutes ago, RancidPunx said:

What were the Bulldogs best matches in Japan ?


Did they do their best work for AJPW or NJ PW?

As a single Dynamite’s best stuff was undoubtedly in New Japan. The Tiger Mask matches alone but also really good matches with Fujinami and Davey Boy. 

The Bulldogs had some good matches in All Japan but that was post-WWF and Dynamite was coming to the end of his career by then. He wasn’t quite the same for me by 89/90 as he was 4 or 5 years earlier. 

Still some stuff there worth a look though. The Malenkos match posted before, plus these...

Bulldogs vs Dr Death Steve Williams & Terry Gordy;

Bulldogs vs Tiger Mask II (Misawa) & Kenta Kobashi; 

Dynamite Kid vs Stan Hansen;


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Dynamite in general is what is worth watching. He's mindblowing even now. Shame that people dont rip off how everything looks a struggle. For how good he is athletically, he never goes away from how he keeps the illusion going that this is a contest. He's as good as there is.

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Yeah, that’s one thing that Benoit emulated well, as much of a horrible cunt as he also turned out to be. Like Dynamite, Benoit’s matches often looked like a proper struggle and like he was frantically battling and chasing the win. It was actually a bit creepy how alike the two were and how much Benoit must’ve studied Dynamite. The wrestling version of Eminem’s ‘Stan’ song, right down to offing himself and his family at the end. Except it’d probably have gone more like;

Benoit: PS, we should be together too. 

Dynamite: Fook off you big poof. 

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