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MMA is shite: Fury vs Wilder


Who wins and how?   

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1 hour ago, Egg Shen said:

sorry to drag the scoring back up, but i only found today that the judge who scored it a draw only scored the one knockdown round 10-9. If he'd scored it as most people automatically do as a 10-8 Wilder would have won a split decision. I think the internet would have melted down if he had.

I think you are mistaken on this one EBB (see below)

I still can't understand how Phil Edwards scored round 6 to Wilder. Had he scored the round to Fury, his scorecard would have been acceptable and justice would have been done. It wasn't Reid vs Ottke or anything. I don't think Edwards is corrupt. But he's clearly not very good at his job. He had Eubank winning against BJS in 2014 ffs. I mean you have to give Eubank and Wilder the benefit of the doubt in 4 rounds to arrive at those scorecards. 


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