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What if? (kayfabe version)


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Not sure if this has been done here before, apologies if so. Inspired by the What If thread I thought a What if in kayfabe thread could be fun. It can be as serious or nonsensical and insignificant or important as you'd like it to be.

My first What if? is from Royal Rumble 1991. What if Ultimate Warrior agrees to giving Randy Savage a future title shot instead of saying no to Sensational Sherri?


Warrior stays champ, probably going into Mania 7, no way Sgt Slaughter wins that Rumble match without help from Sherri and Savage.
Savage vs Warrior for title is likely happening there.
No career on the line stip needed with title on line so Savage stays active after Mania 7.
Miss Elizabeth likely won't come back for the Mania 7 match with Savage's career not being on the line. So reunion isn't happening which means we're not getting the Jake Roberts and Ric Flair feuds later. Or if they would have happened still, they would be vastly different from what we got.
The whole "reinstate Randy Savage storyline" doesn't happen.
Savage faceturn might not happen.

Sherri only left Savage because his career was over, so she likely wouldn't go with Ted Dibiase and later Shawn Michaels at this stage if Savage was still active. Amongst other things, this would mean Sexy boy theme might not happen, or at least it would be different from how we know it.

Hard to say how all this would impact Warrior, he would hold onto title for a bit longer, but it's unclear what happens after match with Savage. 

Title picture would obviously be different as Sgt Slaughter doesn't end up with WWF Championship in this scenario. Does Hogan still feud with him with no title on the line? How does this change Sid's introduction to the company as Match Made in Hell at Summerslam might not happen under this scenario? And with Liz/Randy storyline not happening it changes Summerslam 91 and the build to that. And do we still get Ric Flair coming in as Real World's Champion when he doesn't have Hogan to feud with? So many questions.

Feel free to discuss this one or come up with other kayfabe What ifs.


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Jack Tunney had declared Warrior vs Hogan would never happen again after Wrestlemania 6 so it would take some campaigning from Hogan for that to happen. Possible still of course, "On the take" Tunney eventually gave in to Savage later in 1991. Something I didn't think of in original post is that Brother Love's career likely doesn't end the way it did as Warrior only destroyed his set and him just before Mania to send Savage a message. And with Brother Love and his show still active, we might not get the Funeral Parlor which replaced the Brother Love show shortly after Wrestlemania 7.

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