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Favourite Albums of 2018


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1 minute ago, Tommy! said:

It'll be me & you still smiling in the queue for the next Glen Miller release, after taking our ration books to the butcher for 2lb of kidney. 

Genuinely fucking love Glenn Miller. I blame Fallout. 

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10 hours ago, PunkStep said:

How did I miss this?? I'll seek this out, cheers.

I'm currently listening to Ed Banger's 15 year anniversary album- orchestral renditions of some of the label's biggest hits, including a few from Justice. It's pretty damn good.

Edit: the version of DJ Medhi's Signatune is awesome!

I've seen the orchestra doing the intro to Genesis on Youtube

First time I listened I didn't quite get it. I'll  admit  some of it was because the Cross era stuff feels like it's just"there", like their previous live stuff was a 60 minute pricktease of Phantom pt. 2, but WWW has some really interesting stuff on there. At  times there'll be 3 or 4 things happening at once and it's insane. The version of Randy they've done for it is so good, the new drop in the new version of Stress is amazing, and the whole thing comes full circle as well. They've married three different styles together brilliantly, and now  they're back in the studio working on their next album apparently.

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