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What if?


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Got a fun "what if" for a nearly finished the week.

DX invasion of the Norfolk Scope - instead of them faffing about outside Bischoff opens the stutters up with Nitro filming the whole thing. "ok guys you think your tough, fine, you can come in but ONE member of my roster is going to stop you" and out struts Meng. DX imediately look terrifed and back off.

DX is now dead as faction, HHH never gets pushed as Bischoff takes delight in showing him panicing when its 5-1 odds on NITRO tv. Maybe E&C & the Hardys get moved up sooner without the Outlaws, mabye LOD are booked better, X-PAC probably survives as he is so good in the ring at this point. HHH jobs in Warrior Mania fashion until he is released and thanks to Nash and Hall ends up in WCW.

With HHH in WCW and Shawn out with his back maybe Bret sees the writing on the wall and fences are mended. He stays off until he is revealed as the higher power because Taker respects him so much and he wants a piece of Vince. Owen doesnt do that stunt and eventually we get the Shawn Bret series we all wanted and deserved.

A few jumps but i think the Scope part was certainly possible. Failing Meng Scotty :)

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Sounds awsome

Wasn't Barbarian still on payroll as well (and maybe even rude) ? 

Wcw could have literally just opened up the door on live TV,  and sent out Ric Steiner, Meng, Barbarian and rude to fuck dx up. 

Would have been tv gold. 

Dx undoubtedly would have either had to pussy out or get a collossal kicking on live tv. 

Either way the damage to wwf would be irrevocable! 

Eric really missed a chance to finish wwf off there!

Always made me laugh when on the wwe dvds they'd have bischoff they're blatantly lieing ( and you can see it in his delivery) about everyone warning him if vicne turned up he'd get a kicking or of. Vince crew came over they'd have got walloped!! 

Like fuck!! Wcw paid even low card guys like Stevie. Ray 1m+ a year. 

Alot of guys on that roster could have fucked up Vince crew and some would have delighted in it! 


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