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Lars Sullivan on the main roster


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They played a 'COMING SOON' vignette for Lars at Survivor Series (and might have done on Raw and SmackDown this week too) which it's probably safe to say means he's moving up to the main roster.

I've enjoyed Lars in NXT. He does good squash matches, he's got a good look and entrance, and he can hold his own in bigger matches. Takes a hell of a Black Mass kick too.

How do you think he's going to do on the main rosters, and what would you do with him?

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I don't know if they've decided which brand he's going to be on (they might have said on this week's TV but I've already had to fit in 7 hours of wrestling this week and I'm not sitting through that) but I'd put him on SmackDown.

Granted, my first instinct with a new guy is always to put them on SmackDown because it's just better. But this has a bit of logic to it. Lars is a big guy but I don't know how he compares to the likes of Lashley or Strowman. On Smackers, he's got smaller guys to work with - Mysterio, Styles, Bryan, Nakamura - and the bigger guys won't be in as much danger of making him seem smaller than he is. Lars vs Joe or Lars vs Rusev could both be great fun. Him picking up BIg Show for a Freak Accident would be a moment. In contrast, Raw would mean he could squish loads of cruiserweights. 

Actually, yes. Put him on 205 Live. Let's say all the cruisers are pissing themselves laughing at Drake Maverick for ... well, for pissing himself. So Drake brings his newest protege, Lars Sullivan. "But he's not 205 pounds" they will cry. "Ah", Drake will say. "Those recurring segments I do every so often where there's a weigh in? Well, I've gimmicked the scales and Lars shows up as 203 pounds despite clearly being well over the limit! It's a reverse Crash Holly, hahah!" Then Sullivan squishes cruiserweights.

That won't happen. But he could do well on either brand. US/IC titleholder would be nice, just preventing him from ending up a dancing comedy monster with New Day or R-Truth would be great. That'll probably happen in about a year though.

And if they don't call him "The Leviathan Logophile" like Mauro too please.

How's Lars gonna do?

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They should go right back to basics with him. Vignettes and backstage segments of him comparing the size of his hands to the interviewer, and performing feats of strength. Full-on PT Barnum stuff.

He's obviously a big lad, but at a billed height of 6'3", he's not going to look a monster the way he did in NXT, not if he has to square up to the likes of Braun Strowman. So keep him squashing jobbers until a combination of him just mauling people and the backstage vignettes gets him over as a dangerous brute.

Or do something of a rehash of his NXT debut angle, where he couldn't control himself, and kept beating up his tag partners, then was well-spoken and apologetic when called out on it. Have him maul jobbers so badly he ends up getting himself DQ'd, then snap out of it and show remorse at what he's done, the full Bob Backlund staring at his hands schtick. Have him be really calm and eloquent in promos, but just a monster once he gets going. Not as gimmicky as Festus' being set off by the sound of a bell, but establish that something snaps when he gets in the ring - a bit Waylon Mercy.


Alternatively, have him work as a bodyguard for Daniel Bryan. Have Bryan start taking the coward's way out more often, almost doing an anti-hardcore Cactus Jack and not doing any of the flashier moves people expect from him, and gladly taking cheap wins rather than exerting himself too much. Eventually, bring in Strowman to do his dirty work - next to Bryan, he'd look massive, and he could work with the likes of Mysterio or Jeff Hardy, both of whom would do a great job of making him look like he's convincingly beating them to within an inch of their lives.

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He'll be on Raw no doubt, come in with a few squash victorys, before moving on to beating people like Gable, Roode etc, then he'll disappear off to Main Event for 6 months facing Zack Ryder and No Way Jose every other week, then they will remember he's employed and he'll face Braun Strowman next summer for the Universal Belt with hardly any build.


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I've not got high hopes for him.  I'm a big fan, but he only works because of the specific way they book him in NXT, which is to say... very carefully protected.

Definitely keep him away from Strowman for as long as possible, so send him to Smackdown.  I'd do something similar to what they did with Lesnar all those years ago, have a manager bring him in and just set him loose on people.  No feuds, just a lot of squashes and beat downs.  Have him say very little, have the manager do the talking.  Like @BomberPat said, back to basics.

I actually half-hoped they'd put him under a mask.  They've not had a masked monster for ages.  Call him The Machine or something.

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