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7 hours ago, Carbomb said:

I don't have any direct problem with Sinn Fein in their current incarnation, but given the era we're in now, I couldn't help but be a bit dismayed when the SDLP lost all their seats to them; I was really hoping it'd be the other way round. They're Norn Iron's other left-wing party, but unlike SF, they're not beholden to the principle (and public perception of their voters) that they absolutely cannot swear allegiance to the crown, so they could take their seats in Parliament and actually cause problems for both the Tories and DUP.

I agree with that.

Its quite problematic that the DUP (and one unionist Independent) is northern Ireland's sole voice in Westminster. I've seen countless videos on social media made by republicans deriding the SDLP's decision to take the oath in order to take their seats and can see why that alone would be problematic within the community and admire Sinn Fein for sticking to their guns.

But on the flipside, it can't be good to have no nationalist (even soft nationalist) voices when the only members we hear speaking are DUP ones who happily ignore the fact that the province voted to remain and that the bulk of business leaders are supportive of the backstop. 

The DUP are fucking scumbags. Every time I see Nigel Dodds I want to stick my foot through the telly. 

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