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Hulk Hogan's Ludicrous Willy-Filled Manga

Astro Hollywood

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Someone sent me this on Twitter and I feel it merits proper discussion on here.

The jist is, in 1984, a Japanese manga was produced telling various little stories about Hulk Hogan, and featuring other wrestlers of the time. I don't want to spoil too much, because it's best to go into the video blind, but if you like willies, poo, farts, enormous sentient ballbags and Road Warrior cum, dive in.

Unless you work from home and are free to spend your mornings wanking over mammogram featurettes on This Morning and then feeling disgusted with yourself, the video is probably NSFW.


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Like a lot of US inspired manga, it feels like the writers and artists had seen some bits of WWF but otherwise just made up random shit and used the Hogan character.  I generally find Japanese comics deeply unsettling, and this is no exception.  I have to say, I can think of better ways to spend my weekend than looking at drawings of Hogan shitting turds out of his anus, but you did warn me!

I wonder what Hogan got paid for this?  I have a completely unfounded theory that the guy might have made money from more individual sources than any man living.  There's almost no area of business, product or area of the world that Hogan hasn't squeezed a dollar out of.  He truly is the American dream writ large.

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