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Wrestlemania 35

The King of Old School

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Now we're approaching Survivor Series it's always a good time to start predicting how they will put the Wrestlemania Card together, always fun to look back a week or so before the event too to see how close we were.

It seems quite open this year so I haven't a clue where they will go, I think we'll get another HBK/Undertaker match, and I think the Universal belt will find its way into the Seth/Dean feud in time for Mania too. After that though I'm struggling.

Will Cena be there? Will HHH be fit in time? What will the WWE Title match be?

What does everyone think?



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It's probably more up in the air than it has been in years, unfortunately due to Roman Reigns' absence.

One of the rumoured main events was Roman Reigns vs. The Rock, with The Rock walking into the April Saudi Arabia show as Champion. In the current climate, is squeaky-clean, scandal free Hollywood superstar Dwayne Johnson going to risk the potential backlash of working for Saudi blood money? And, without the match being a favour to give his cousin a big main event headline match, is he going to be so keen to do business at all? If, instead of Reigns, Brock Lesnar is still Universal Champion, that's a very different proposition. On one hand, Lesnar vs. Rock is probably the biggest match on paper in all of wrestling. On the other hand, it's Brock Lesnar - is any movie studio going to take the gamble on insuring The Rock for a movie when he's prepping for a match with a UFC fighter with a reputation for working stiff?

And that brings us to Brock. He's apparently only booked for one more match after Survivor Series - either at the Royal Rumble or at Wrestlemania. So does he not defend the title until April, or does he drop it at the Royal Rumble and disappear? You'd think they'd want all the star power they can get for 'Mania, but is Brock Lesnar going to want to work - even by his standards - a Wrestlemania schedule when he's likely to be competing in the UFC in March? And, with that in mind, is Vince going to want to risk his Wrestlemania main event on a guy who could get handily defeated in UFC a matter of weeks earlier? 

Triple H could miss it, depending on how long it takes to rehab his injury. It looks like he might have been setting up for a match with Batista - Big Dave has said plenty of times that he'd come back to work a programme with Trips, but isn't fussed about much else, so does Triple H being out mean Batista is out (if he was ever in)? Otherwise, potentially we get Triple H vs. Kurt Angle?


So let's say a worst case scenario Wrestlemania (for WWE) is one without The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, Batista or Triple H. Let's also say there's not a chance in hell Hulk Hogan is wrestling.

I think we'll get an Undertaker/Shawn Michaels match, Charlotte/Rousey is a lock as, probably, is Rollins/Ambrose. Can see us getting Kurt Angle vs. Shane McMahon, and Daniel Bryan/Miz for the WWE Title. No idea what Cena ends up doing, and the rest of the card, I have no clue.

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I literally have no clue how this all shakes out, they have shit to sort. I'm so underwhelmed by another Brock part time reign, I'd get it off him and on to Drew. Who he then faces at mania I have no clue.

How far are they stretching Ambrose/Rollins, will this culminate at Mania, and if so is their a title at stake, IC?

I'd like to see Almas really heated up, even win the Rumble and challenge AJ or Bryan at Mania, so good that guy is. I don't want to see Bryan and Miz touch again, not now and maybe not ever, I'm over all that worked shooty stuff with them.

Nakamura vs Rey for the US title would please me.

The attraction match I reckon Batista vs Trips would do ok, that little tease the other week seemed to go over very well and Dave is such a charismatic bloke I'd love to see him for a few months.

All the tag team bollocks will take care of itself, only about 3 decent teams on each brand so just put New Day/Bar/Usos/AOP/Revival in a tumbler and see how it falls.

Where does this leave Joe, Dolph, Hardy, Orton etc etc I dunno. Will any NXT guys have come up by then, around Rumble time?

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The problem with their eggs in one basket approach is that no-one else feels special enough to headline. With two brands, that shouldn't be the case because Smackdown should have it's own superstar(s) but although there is bags of talent on that brand, they aren't the big names.

The only thing I can think of that is proper WM headline worthy is Lesnar vs. The Rock. There's the potential for loads of fun matches for the undercard like Rollins/Ambrose, Bryan/Miz or Bryan/Styles, Joe/Cena, etc. But nothing else that feels worthy of the top slot at WM.

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John Cena vs Daniel Bryan seems like one of the biggest matches they could put on for me right now at Mania.¬†Done previously at Summerslam ‚Äė13 of course but lots has changed since then. A number of different dynamics they can play off of here with a chance to throw in some personal elements. This likely means some crossover with their Total Divas/Bellas reality shows too, which is hood or bad depending on your viewpoint!¬†

You could either have Bryan pick up the title at the February PPV and have Cena challenge for his record 17th title, or have Cena win the title first and complete the Daniel Bryan redemption story instead and have him go over Cena in the main event instead. Either way you’re bound to get a fantastic match with an incredible atmosphere. 

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Think a lot of the main event scene hinges on the availability of Brock and HHH. If you've got both of them two ready to go for Wrestlemania, and if HHH insists upon another 30 minute marathon, I could see it looking a bit like this:

HBK vs Undertaker - Main event because that's just what this company does. Shawn goes out with a win over Undertaker at Wrestlemania and hopefully both men fuck off into eternity afterward. No chance anything else headlines over this, if this is the main event they're planning.

AJ vs Cena - WWE Championship - Cena finally breaks the record by overcoming the """"greatest ever WWE champion""""" AJ Styles on the grandest stage of them all, before eventually dropping it and properly distancing himself from the company.

HHH vs Batista - There's nobody else set up for Trips to face, which is something they've been pretty consistent in terms of setting up around this time of year (Kicking Angle's son off the team and decking Kurt, costing Seth the strap, Sting's debut) apart from Big Dave, which is realistically the only option I'm going to have any interest in seeing. Let them go and ham it up instead of trying to force Hunter to work a work rate-based match.

Brock vs Braun vs Drew - Universal Championship - There's literally nobody else Brock can face on RAW that feels remotely big enough apart from these two. You could have a Rumble finish of Braun and Drew eliminating one another, or set something up at the Chamber, or whatever to get yourself a triple threat scenario. In an ideal world, this would just be Drew going over Brock one on one, but then that requires lumping Strowman with Corbin or somebody equally shit. Drew pins Braun so that when Brock inevitably comes back after his UFC stint they've got an obvious Summerslam / Survivor Series main event.

Rousey vs Becky - Women's Championship - Fuck not making Becky Lynch your standout female wrestler alongside Ronda after the year she's had. I know they're doing a match at Survivor Series, but they'll have 5 months after that to fashion themselves a rematch. If Becky stays as hot as she is, there isn't anyone else who comes close to taking this spotlight. Asuka has been royally fucked over, we've already seen Ronda batter Bliss around, Charlotte is meandering, Nia Jax is shit and Ember Moon is still coming along. 

Match that with an undercard of Bryan/Miz, Seth/Ambrose, Angle/Corbin, Tag Shenanigans, Cruiserweights and the Andre Battle Royal and you're looking fairly decent.

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I'm going with the assumption that HHH, along with Roman are out for Mania which would actually really freshen things up.

I'd love to see Brock and Batista batter each other for ten minutes, short of getting The Rock involved that is the best 'crossover' match they have at their disposal, but I dont think they'll do it. Ambrose/Rollins will be done by the Rumble as I'm sure they wont be able to resist blowing their load before then, so I'd say Drew wins the Rumble and faces Lesnar and Rollins for the Universal title. 

Styles v Orton for the WWE title. HBK/Taker. Ambrose/Elias for the IC. Shane/Bryan in a street fight. Becky/Asuka. Charlotte/Ronda. Nakamura/Mysterio for the US. Couple of tags. Something for Miz and Braun. Lovely.

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I think it's really hard to figure out at this point. Rousey Vs Charlotte is the only lock, as far as I can see. 

Give Rollins the Rumble win (after dropping the IC strap to Ambrose the same night) and have him challenge Brock at Mania. 

Drew is getting the big push at the minute but there isn't enough time between now and Mania for him to turn into a super hot babyface. So he can't challenge Brock unless it's in a triple threat - which I prefer they don't do. Brock may not even be around at the time, who the hell knows what he is really planning to do. So much of everything depends on Brock.

If I were WWE I would figure out Smackdown as soon as possible, the women's scenario's, and see what the craic is with Batista. HHH won't be ready to go by then. Let Raw breathe for another two months whilst you try and decide if you want to go with Drew, Seth or Braun as top baby, and when you know then hopefully Brock will have firmly committed one way or another to his possible fight with Daniel Cornier, which has a mid March deadline.

On the Smackdown side my guess is Bryan/Shane, AJ/Cena (hopefully - with Cena winning then possibly dropping to Joe the next month), maybe Orton/Batista. What you do with Mysterio, Miz, Hardy, Nakamura and Joe though, god only knows. 

This is the most unpredictable 'Mania season has been in a long, long time. Unfortunately it's not due to a good reason. 

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I would love to see (can't see it happening though) Brock vs Batista but reckon they will go with something like this.

Brock vs Rollins (Rumble Winner) for Uni Title

Styles vs Orton vs Cena for the WWE title.

HBK vs Taker.

Ambrose vs Owens 

Shane vs Bryan

Becky vs Asuka 

Charlotte vs Ronda.

Nakamura vs Mysterio vs Miz vs Rusev vs Joe vs Almas (US Title Ladder Match)

Braun vs Lashley (big muscle thrown together)

Ziggler vs Drew (Ziggler to cost Drew the Rumble)

Andrew Battle Royal

Elias concert featuring The Rock

Kurt Angle vs Corbin


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HBK vs Undertaker because of course it is.

Ronda vs Charlotte, might go on last.

Rollins vs Ambrose if Lesnar has a UFC fight and doesn't do Mania. Rollins v Lesnar if he does.

Miz vs Daniel Bryan, WWE title.

AJ vs Balor, cross brand pervert match. Or AJ vs Rey if they want to keep to fighting your own brand but want to sell "Dream Match."

Braun vs Drew if they're ready to cut their losses on Braun and gear up to go full bore on McIntyre.

........ Cena v Orton one last time for bants.


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I think next year they really need to push forward with fresh blood and push new people.

Rumble wise I'd go with Rollins doing an iron man performance, strap a rocket to him and make him beat Lesnar clean, giving someone the much needed rub from the beast oh er.

Or go with NXT call up and Shock Rumble winner Aleister Black, again wwe need fresh blood and some buzz, so a surprise call up, strong showing and win for him go really make him, have him vs AJ for the wwe title at Mania and end his long reign, we have a new babyface and direction post mania.

If HHH is out and Batista still wants to work, I'd go with Dave vs Drew, Drew needs to be used well at Mania for post Mania push vs Uni Champ Rollins and this could be a solid match

Lesnar vs Rollins Universal Title

Styles vs Black WWE Title 

Batista/Cena vs Drew McIntyre

Taker vs HBK

Angle vs Ambrose?

Charlotte vs Ronda Raw Title

Becky vs Bliss SD Title

Not sure where to put some people, still lots of good names and options, Rey, Orton, Braun, Naka, Balor, Ziggler, Joe etc


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I think they will go with the following, presuming HHH is out and Brock is doing UFC..

HBK vs The Undertaker

WWE Title - AJ vs Cena

Universal Title - Rollins vs Ambrose

Raw Womans - Ronda vs Charlotte

Smackdown Womans - Becky vs Auska

IC Title - Drew vs Elias

Batista vs Orton

Braun vs Lashley

Angle vs Corbin

Bryan vs Shane

US Title - Nakamura vs Rey vs Hardy vs Joe

Smackdown Tag Title - The Bar vs The Uso's vs New Day vs Wyatt & Harper (as a surprise team, urgh)

Andre Battle Royal

Womans Battle Royal

Cruiserweight Title Match

15 matches seems about right for the 7 hour marathon, I hope they make Mania a two day event in future, it's all far too much.

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