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Discounted Puroresu merch' packages

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This is just a thought at the moment and it may remain that way.

On the off-chance, would anyone be interested in purchasing a Puroresu / Joshi Puro package, with approx. 30% off the total price? It would include a number of items (all imported), such as; magazines, photo books, mooks, programs, signed / promotional photos, DVD, T-shirt, random puro merch...

The packages (I have potentially 7 or 8 in mind) would be pre-determined, however you would get to see what’s available beforehand. Nobody would be ordering ‘blind’ – that’d just be madness. Packages would be in the £50 - £100+ range after discount (ouch), 'cos that shit don’t come cheap. An opportunity to own some authentic merch, without the hassles & hidden costs. For collectors really (if anyone still does that) & probably best to pm me, if interested.


 - Please note - This offer has now closed.

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Offer withdrawn

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I’d be interested in a Joshi merch one but yea like you said, it would depend on the wrestlers involved and what would be in the box

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