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If you could appear on any game show...


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4 minutes ago, Lion_of_the_Midlands said:

Who Olav? 


To give this reply some content, I did a quiz night a few years ago, and chose the team name Omar comin'. I guess whoever was running it hadn't seen The Wire, as throughout the night, they announced it as Omar Cuhmeen, as though he was introducing a revered Islamic preacher, even with a bit of an accent, like your dad ordering pizza on holiday in Spain.

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My Uncle, Auntie and their kids/cousins were on Family Fortunes 20 years back. They won outright and got the £5000 cash but unfortunately, Uncle Bill fucked up the final round and they didn't walk away with the car. 

Was actually on Dave a month back and my Mam rang me so I managed to record it on +1.

The correct answer though is Fun House. Always Fun House. 

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In the last couple of years I have got into the world of competitive quizzing and played in my first World Quiz Championships this year (I came fucking nowhere, it was rock solid) which is part of a calendar of monthly events. 

The quizzes are usually held across multiple venues across the country and the world and quizzers take it in turn to set quizzes. As mentioned Olav is one of the best quizzers in the world but has never been able to translate his knowledge on to TV. He choked on the last series of Mastermind in the opening round. 

What I have found is the elite quizzers seem to have traits of autism or aspergers. Anne Hegarty spoke about it candidly in this year's I'm a Celeb. Last year I was randomly selected to be on Anne's team at a Quiz In The North event and it was fascinating to see her dredge up nuggets of information with her techniques. The recall ability is on a different plane to us mere mortals.

Regarding The Chasers not doing great at the WQC only Anne, Paul and Jenny are regular fixtures on the quizzing circuit. Mark doesn't have the time to do them as he has so many commitments. Shaun hardly makes any appearances because he is not that good compared to the rest. Yes he is a Mastermind champion but he somehow managed to have three football topics as his specialist subjects. They have changed the rules since so you have to do three completely different topics.

There are some quizzers that only do TV shows abd you will see the same people on TV all the time. It seems like you are guaranteed to see a Laslett at least once every 6 months on the box. 

I would recommend going to a Grand Prix or a Quiz in the North event though just for the experience. You will probably get a walloping but everyone is friendly and usually afterwards everyone goes for a curry and a beer. Go to Quizzing.com or Quiz in the North on Facebook to find out more.

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My mate at University went on Golden Balls. To prepare him for the show ITV sent him a sort of shit, makeshift board game version. Every practice game we had, me and my mates would vote him off in the first round, just to wind him up. He'd go ballistic saying this wasn't helping him get proper practice in. On the show itself, he ended up getting voted off in the first round.

I also went to University with a lad for three years and not once did he mention he was a contestant on Fun House. It was only years later when it was randomly on in our house on Challenge TV that we realised a child-version of him was one of the contestants! We concluded the reason he probably never mentioned it was because he and his partner lost badly and never got to go through the Fun House.

My sister recently admitted that throughout her childhood, whenever my Mum was do something that annoyed her, she'd sit in her room fantasising about taking her on Get Your Own Back and cranking the seat so that she'd fall into the gunge from as high as possible.

Had a lad in my class in Primary School who said his Mum was going to be on Gladiators. Absolute chinny reckon. It never materialised.

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