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If Jones manages to come back from a year and a half layoff and beat someone like Gusty then he's right back on track, isn't he? I think that if Cormier was going to beat Jones, especially at 205lbs, then his best chance would be to catch him after a layoff. 

OSP fought Jones after a year and three months away and Jones looked almost human in that fight. If he comes in anything like that against Gusty there's a good chance of an upset.

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Honestly, I don't think DC ever beats Jones at 205lbs, sadly. Of course, that's pretty much everyone on planet earth, like. I think until Jones moves up to HW he's bossing the sport. Be lovely if Big Gus pulls it out his arse, but I can't see me ever betting against Jon Jones at 205lbs, which is mad considering his lay off, but he's that good he's only really got to continue to try and beat his own instincts of being a mad bastard.

With OSP, the lay off definitely sucks, but I think Jones admitted afterwards that all his powerlifting training work he was doing really hindered him. A sucky Jones still won, of course.

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On 11/4/2018 at 1:34 PM, ColinBollocks said:


Not really a fan of Felder. Compared to Cruz and DC, he's proper B team material.

ive liked Felders work on the Fight Night's, i thought he had a bit of an off-night here though too, sure its his first time with Rogan so i'll give him a pass. He lacked that chemistry that DC/Rogan has together, whilst Cruz/Rogan dont necessarily have chemistry but Cruz seems to love correcting Joe which can be pretty entertaining.

Im so far behind in terms of actually wathing the card that i have little else to add. Good show though.

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