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WXW 16 Carat Gold 2019 ..... travel planning, who's going etc.


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So, me and my friends after always wanting too go booked up for 16 Carat Gold last night, am still buzzing to be honest. We've reserved an apartment in Oberhausen, its basic but for £250 for 5 nights cheap as chip plus we can cancel anytime if anything comes up better. We are planning flying out the Wednesday and possibly spending a day or two in Dusseldorf before heading to Oberhausen.


So basically, just after advice and peoples experiences on past travels to WXW and 16 Carat Gold,. Like best places to go for food and drink etc ….. i'd imagine getting a train from Dusseldorf to Oberhausen should be a doddle 

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3 hours ago, DarloKid said:

i'd imagine getting a train from Dusseldorf to Oberhausen should be a doddle 

Trains anywhere there are so simple and run regular and late. Just make sure you get the right ticket, which can be a bit confusing first time with ICE, IC and Regional services, but people there are so helpful it's a pleasure. 

If you have time to kill and what to travel out of Oberhausen the Finkenkrug in Duisburg is a good pub claiming 222 beers not far away. Düsseldorf has lots of restaurants and bars around the altstadt. Try all the Alt bars and, if it's still there, Holy Craft is worth a stop. 

I'd like to get over for 16 carat again if I can, always been a fun weekend even though I'm so removed from wrestling these days. 

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