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Away from the ring matches


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3 hours ago, tiger_rick said:

So had I to be fair. I was going to mention that it needed to be in the arena when I had a quick look as the McMahon/Shamrock "match" to refresh my memory and realised it was in the arena. Obviously just an issue with old MSG.

Cool to see this. Read about it in @JNLister book recently and it just sounded mental. Good to see it is mental.

Here's a panoramic shot that I took from the back wall showing literally the entire room.



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At a recent seminar on psychology/match structure, I watched the Eddy Guerrero/John Cena parking lot brawl. I have precisely zero memory of it, but it's good fun for a mid-00s WWE TV take on the genre, and a good example of how diverse Eddy could be.


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8 hours ago, Uncle Zeb said:

I loved the idea of using a forklift for the pin, but hated the camera being attached in anticipation of it.


7 hours ago, Wrasslin said:

Bloody hell. It never actually occurred to me that they’d done that.

Yeah. The forerunner of the terrible trend of trying to make things look as good as possible from a "drama" point of view but forgetting that's it's supposed to be live sport and you're knackering suspension of disbelief that things are occurring spontaneously. At least this was live, but it was still dreadful. Flash forward to the Undertaker v Edge Cell match at SummerSlam 2008 and those godawful production effects they conveniently added in the countdown to Edge's demise. Fucking terrible and detracted from my sense of dread/excitement rather than add to it. But again, at least it was live.

Which brings me to the real poo in the punch bowl - the Orton/Wyatt fiasco. By 2017 they're so obsessed with the "we make movies" bullshit.... the cuts are utter nonsense. Watch how often the angle changes and there's no cameraman stood where one needed to be to get the previous shot. The match is meant to be live, for fuck's sake. We know it's been pre-recorded in case of fuck ups but Jesus, present it as live and have a fucking clue. I know its just as much "telling stories" as any other TV but this is a world in which presenters, cameramen, "the production truck" etc all exist and have even been part of the stories. No, I don't ever expect to see the cameraman or boom mic creep into shot in Thrones, but this is pro wrestling and please, fuck's sake, don't remind me how it's not real.

Good job it was only Wyatt and then-floundering Orton, really.

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On 10/10/2018 at 11:42 AM, Sheffbag said:

Either of the BJPW Bathhouse or Shopping Mall matches

BJPW Bathhouse - Featuring very hairy ladies

BJW Shopping Mall Brawl

And I've never seen this before, NJPW vs House featuring Jushin Liger and Tenzan

NJPW vs a House

The Japanese are weird

I had a mate who had a copy of Mall Brawl and I always remember the bit where the guy has to go to the hospital to get stitches in his hand. Pretty sure on his copy someone had dubbed some forlorn music on it like you'd hear at the end of The Incredible Hulk during that scene. Would make for a great "Don't try this at home" video!

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