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WWE Crown Jewel

Kaz Hayashi

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If they bring some of the proper stars back such as HBK and Undertaker, I'll probably watch this.

Like others, I gave the Australian show a whirl as it was on at a time when there was sod all else on TV and ended up enjoying it more than I thought I would. Much prefer these standalone shows where you don't need to follow the product, even though I didn't recognise half the wrestlers on the show. 


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On a more serious note, here's a timely reminder of who WWE is doing big business with, and whose money Shawn Michaels is accepting to come out of a presumably very comfortable retirement:


For what it's worth, your approval of this relationship will be formally registered when you choose to watch WWE Crown Jewel on the company's subscription service.

I know that'll fall on deaf ears for many, but I felt like stating the obvious anyway.

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2 minutes ago, TildeGuy~! said:

When they said it was a World Cup I assumed it’ll be 8 wrestlers all from different nations, the first 4 announced have been American...

I thought this too. On the one hand, they're stacking it with top names, but on the other, they've never had a better chance to look 'global' as with the roster they've got now.

Just off the top of my head you can have USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Bulgaria, all four UK nations, Netherlands, Australia, Germany (I'm sure Wolfe is from there), India (Mahal's billed as Indian...), Ireland, Italy, Brazil, China, Iran (if you want to go there with Daivari), and Switzerland. Provided you include NXT of course, there's easily enough for a 16-man World Cup.

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1 minute ago, FUM said:

The World Cup thing got me thinking how much fun they could have with Ryder Cup type tournament.

They certainly have enough decent wrestlers for a Rest of the World team to go up against USA.

Don't need rest of the world. 8 person european team would be great

Team Europe

Tag Team - The Bar

Mens singles - Balor, McIntyre, English, Rusev

Female - Lynch, Cross

Throw in the NXT (including UK) guys like Black and Dunne then you can easily make it up to a 12 man team 

Manager(s) - Take your pick from any of them 

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