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Professor Jordan Peterson

Brewster McCloud

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6 minutes ago, Keith Houchen said:

You aren't quite at the stage of a former poster on here yet.  He got banned and set up 3 or 4 twitter accounts and constantly sent tweets to who he thought were the top posters on here DEMANDING to be reinstated.  The poor snowflake should've just set up a new account on here and saved time!  Wonder if his impotent rage still burns.

Well, he's not me if that's what you're driving at. I don't do Twitter, nor would I ever refer to someone as a "snowflake" if they happen to disagree with my beliefs. 

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I'm not a "fan", I just think he's an interesting guy who's worth talking about. As this thread has proven! Honestly, I like bringing him up, and I agree with some things he says, but I'm also more than happy when people like you and Bomber Pat point out when I/he get it wrong. 

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I have listened a lot to Peterson as well as the fanboys and critics of the professor. 

At a surface level he comes across as an intellectually gifted academic who is willing to take on the 'feminism' and 'gender' debates with gusto. This pseudo-intellect drives the white, working class 'we are being oppressed' males wild because finally they have someone with a brain to fight their corner. Unfortunately just because he has a professorship doesn't equate to much when you listen to some of the drivel he spouts particularly around topics such as Nazism and gender identity.

He has been wonderful in convincing the alt-right wankers that they are a victim and that they should stand up and fight against those pesky women, transgender and minority folk who (shock horror) want their views heard in a public space. He has the ability to use long words to give his argument some credibility but he has yet to face a towering intellect that can challenge him. I would love someone like a Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchins (RIP) to tear him a new one because he has only a few basic points that fall down by standard logic.

The guy does, however, have some points on freedom of speech. When you legislate that people use certain language based on another person's demands that is not a good way of creating a community that is integrated and understanding.

Personally I see him as a self-important, incredibly arrogant pseudo-intellectual who has done this solely to make money on a book deal.  

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