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Trivial Things That Annoy You...


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People who latch onto words and sayings that catch on online and then use them like they are the first person to use it, for example:

Posting a funny interview video with the caption "actually dying...", or "can't breathe..." that's annoying. "That awkward moment..." another.

Also, the overuse of the word "savage".



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1, People at work who do not acknowledge your existence with a simple "morning" or "hello" when they enter your working area for the first time during the day. I am on about  smaller workplaces that only have members of staff that know each other on first name terms. I just find it rude! 

2, People with zero self awareness e.g. Customers forcing retail workers on tills into small talk, whilst completely unaware of the massive queue behind them.

3, Cliff Richard.

4, The sheer volume of soap operas on TV during the week.


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