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Trivial Things That Annoy You...


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1 hour ago, SpursRiot2012 said:

People who post pictures of their kids on social media but always - and I mean always - with a Snapchat filter on them. Surely one day these parents, or the children themselves, will want to see some pictures of these kids without bunny ears or whatever the fuck?

90% of things people post of their kids. Kids that are going to get rinsed to fuck by their friends when they're old enough to be on networks. The scope for bullying in the social network age is horrible enough without parents providing ammunition.

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Ignorance and lack of self-awareness... standing in a public toilet in a shopping centre today, waiting for a cubicle. An old man shuffles in using two walking sticks, just as a cubicle opens up. A guy in his 20‚Äôs who was there when I go there pipes¬†up ‚Äú I was here first‚ÄĚ then just walks in. He looked about a 1/4 of the old guys age. Utter ignorance and lack of respect.¬†

When the next cubicle freed up, I let the old dude go. Notfor some personal gratification, but because it was the right thing to do. Some folk are just selfish pricks....

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19 hours ago, Accident Prone said:
22 hours ago, simonworden said:

Going to start with a few online ones that annoy the piss out of me.

- People who post selfies every fucking day

- People who put up pictures of themselves looking soulful or doing yoga etc with the caption being some fluff advice or quote that deep down doesn't make any sense

- People who do the above but actually spend the time to write the quote stick it on a photo of themselves through photo editing software and post it online thinking they are important enough to do that. Fuck people who are inspirational don't do that themselves so just fuck right off.

- People who do the above but with other peoples quotes

I think you need to get off social media, fella.

  22 hours ago, simonworden said:

- Restaurants not having things on the menu in with no justifiable reason apart from the kitchen is run by a bunch of twats.

What the fuck does this even mean? Please explain. Are you trying to order mashed potatoes from Subway or something?

  22 hours ago, simonworden said:

-Electronics shops who think I need them to set up my new product and then do a horrible job of choosing the settings and software. Had to reset my new laptop before using as the fuckers had put all this Vietnamese designed shit onto the computer when my back was turned as they refused to give me the product without setting it up.

I can almost guarantee that this didn't happen like that unless you went to a dodgy shop. I worked at the tech department at a computer store for seven years and we never installed anything without asking first. I think you just gave into their 'laptop setup' sales pitch as they would charge for any installation services (which you obviously had to agree at some point). No store worth it's salt is going to spend time sticking software on a machine for free.

  22 hours ago, simonworden said:

- People who pay for 1 drink in a busy pub with a card

At the most it takes 10 seconds longer to pay by card than it does with cash. C'mon now, lad.

  22 hours ago, simonworden said:

- Men in the gym who go round like a group of muppets all taking it in turns to use the same machine and pat each other on the back

Yeah, God forbid people have a group of mates for moral support when working out.

On the subject of the gym, what irritates me is people who don't follow urinal etiquette when it comes to the treadmills. If there are big gaps of machines elsewhere, don't pick the one right next to me. This happens constantly.



Social media noted and for the record i'm not spending hours trolling through it getting pissed off, doesn't mean it doesn't annoy me. 

You've got the gist of the food one now.

You've obviously missed the point that the electronics thing is not in the UK, unless you have a in-depth understanding of South East Asian electronics stores, economics and psychology, take my word for it mate. It's fucking annoying!

Admittedly it's been a while since this has been an issue. 5 years ago working in a restaurant/ pub it was all still chip and pin at a snails pace if you weren't a big chain. Now with the contact less stuff and an upgrade I admit it must be easier. 

Finally, do you really need 3+ people standing around you, waiting at all times in the gym? I don't need that type of moral support in anything in my life. Yes some people go to the gym in groups but machine hogging like this is a pretty valid point.

Anyway I don't think I really need to justify what annoyances I have that are TRIVIAL because I know they are TRIVIAL and some are ridiculous to others but these are mine 

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Oh, a working in a pub one, that still annoys me now I'm not working there, if I see this happen at the local.

There's a sign outside, with a menu on it, and big letters saying "SERVED 11-3". People will come in at gone 5pm, stare at it for a few minutes, then come in and try and order food, and get genuinely annoyed when told you're not serving. "But it's on the menu outside!". Yes, the menu that says "until 3pm" on it.

Made worse when it's French tourists (of which this pub attracts many) who, invariably, open with "is it possible to eat?". 


Toilet annoyance. If you're going to piss in a cubicle, why leave the door open as you do it? Are you signalling to people that you're not having a shit? Because all you're doing is making me almost walk in on you pissing. And neither of us want that. I'd hope.

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We have two hand dryers in the toilets in work, one of them is one of those Dyson ones that dries your hands in 3 seconds, and the other may as well be Graham on reception blowing on your hands.

It absolutely drives me up the wall when people choose to use the rubbish one over the Dyson one. This really shouldn’t annoy me as much as it does, but I just can’t think of any logical reason why you’d pick the crap one.

Are people scared to stick their hands in those Dyson ones? 

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1 hour ago, King of Hamptons said:

Ready made Mash potato... WHY! mean really?! Its expensive and usually gluey as fuck... 

As resident potato guy, this stuff is the shit. It's incredibly good.



Their buttery mash is an absolute dream. You can get it all the major supermarkets and it's well worth it. Pour boiling water on, stand for 60 secs and stir. I keep some in my cupboard permanently as it's so handy.

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Things like ready made mash and frozen pre cut veg are so bloody helpful for people who have mobility issues.  For instance, people with arthritis in their wrists and hands cannot chop veg or mash up potatoes so having these items available increases what you can prepare to eat.  Being able to prepare your own dinner not only is good nutritional wise, but does wonders for mental health and self esteem.

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