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Bellator 207/208: Fedor vs Sonnen - Oct 12/13


Who wins and how?   

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11 hours ago, Silky Kisser said:

The American Gangster hasnt gone full Bob Sapp just yet. He did weather some heavy shots right out the gate looking for the takedown and ate a load more before he eventually got it. That roll over was a thing of madness though.

If you watch it back, he had no choice but to either try for the roll over or give up the position. He was too high up Fedor's back and was going to simply fall forward if he didn't try something.

He went for the roll over, which would have looked great had it come off, with him transitioning to a potential rear naked choke position, although there's a good chance that Fedor would simply have exploded and got back into guard.

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1 minute ago, Silky Kisser said:

Yeah I've listened to his comments post fight and he mentioned being too high on the back and that's why he rolled through.

It just looked so awkward and loose and seemed the ultimate desperation attempt that was never gonna pay off. 


Still the man though. 

Yeah, he has a penchant for the ridiculous. 99% of guys in that position would change tactics and regroup, maybe even get back to their feet, but just like the elbow he goes for broke.

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Yeah the Fedor vs Chael show is on 5Spike next Saturday night as well. I never did find it on that 5 On Demand thing or whatever it was meant to be on. Ended up watching it on YouTube. They need to sort that out. The shows airing on TV a full week later is a joke. 

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