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Classic Coronation Street


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So, inspired by the classic Eastenders thread, thought I'd create one for classic corrie too. I started watching it a few months ago now when I was getting up early just before 6am and switched on the TV wondering what was on that time to watch for a short time until it was time for me to get out of bed. Flicked onto ITV3 and here we are.

Low and behold I stumbled upon Classic Corrie and was hooked straight away. I now record the weeks worth of episodes and go on a binge at the weekend lol. Can't believe how interested and invested I am in the storylines, despite how simple they are and how wooden the acting usually is. It's all so simple but I'm hooked and I look forward to watching them every week. Nearly fully caught up now, just gotta watch this past Friday's episodes later.

Ken seems to be back from his mini breakdown, Jack and Vera have found a new way to irritate each other, Curly wants to get some action but is bring roped into the 7 year itch. Thankfully Alec & Bet have kept the pub.

It's also interesting to see all the things you might see in modern Corrie take shape here. Like the new houses opposite the Rovers Return and Rita's corner shop.

So, Corrie heads unite.

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No idea why but my favourite ever Corrie storyline was when Jack and Vera's next door neighbours went on holiday and they decided to just move into their house because it was nicer. I'm sure there was a deeper explanation for it but that's how my brain remembers it and I'm happy with that.

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