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I got a PM from Tommy Dreamer telling me how actually, TNA was doing great and the ratings were up since he started booking. It was the week Spike cancelled them.

Had an argument with Mick Foley, calling me a negative wrestling fan who should enjoy the ride. He then blocked me when I pointed out he was the one who smashed a telly in with a hammer because Daniel Bryan didnt win the Royal Rumble.

Me and @PowerButchiused to chat with Billy Gunn's mistress as if we were long lost pals. She used to do Youtube videos giving us shout outs, without us even asking.

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Tommy Dreamer posted this image of those old anti-masturbation ads* they ran in WWF magazine in the early 90s



*shit photoshops by me that he thought was real.

Bruce Pritchard Instagrammed it a few months later. Iron Sheik (or, more accurately, the comedians who manage his social media) tweeted out a link to my Hulk Hogan's lies post with some sweary anti-Hogan epithet. And to re-tell that story again, Hogan blocked me when it first came out, eventually forgave and unblocked me, but when I released it as a chapter in a book a couple of years later, reblocked me for keeps. When that same book came out, frequent Steve Austin podcast guest and his stunt double, Paul Lazenby, posted such an aggressively personal bad review (because I didn't know his great mate Steven Seagal and was just a loser nobody that can't fight and shouldn't talk shit), that Amazon removed it.

Tyler Bate retweeted a joke I made about Nigel Farage. There's been others probably, but I forget. I tweet a lot. One time Raven RT me saying I had blood in my semen.

Not social media as such, but when I wrote for Total MMA back in the day, Bas Rutten emailed in to say he was a fan, and used to send my columns to his buddy in jail. Ooh, and off the back of my TUF columns in there, someone claiming to be Jorge Rivera's cousin sent me a couple of threatening emails, all in caps, years after I said Rivera was really boring on the show.


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1 hour ago, King of Hamptons said:

Had to google the name...

 Yes i think you should meet

My girlfriend wouldn’t be happy if I flew over to Osaka to have a sordid affair with a former model turned Joshi Puroresu.

I wasn’t being catfished either which makes it even weirder, I’m not a bad looking lad.

Hana Kimura on the other hand.

Yes Please

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I found an eBay account last month selling household items for inflated prices due to the fact that they were pre-owned by Handsome Jimmy Valiant.

I messaged the seller to ask for proof and sure enough the Boogie Woogie Man sent back a pic of himself holding a piece of paper with "Hi [Pinc]" and that day's date written on it.

If any of you lads fancy helping Boogie out the eBay account is 4691Angel.

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If who we're blocked by counts as "interaction" I had a brief discourse with Mauro where I politely informed him the finish to HHH/HBK at SummerSlam 2002 was a jacknife pin, not what he thinks it is (any non-lateral leg cradle or folding press) which resulted in him telling me to "get a life" and "I know my job, buddy" before blocking me after my second attempt at pedantic-but-polite.

I feel Mauro was equal parts wrong (knowing what a jacknife pin is, knowing his job, buddy) and right (me not having a life, his decision to block) so at WORST I'm neutral to him and would definitely be open to friendship if he reconsiders.

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Aleistar Black follows my rabbits on Instagram. He had rabbits himself before he moved over to the USA and we'd got somehow got chatting about pets after a show or at a party with mutual friends. I didn't give him their handle, but he popped up the next day and occasionally likes photos.

Apart from that, I had a brief Twitter exchange a few years ago with William Regal after he was backstage on a show that I was refereeing.

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