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UFC Denver: Zombie vs Rodriguez - Nov 10

Who wins and how?   

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3 hours ago, David said:

Sounds like Wink is simply looking at Cowboy as maybe a fighter with not long left in the game and chose a younger fighter over him, while Jackson simply doesn't want to cause issues or get involved.

That seems to be a recurring thing at Jackson-Wink, doesn’t it? The most well publicised example being when they chose Jon Jones over Rashad Evans. There was also an earlier example when Diego Sanchez briefly left the camp, despite basically being fighter #1 at that gym or thereabouts, because GSP was there and it was thought they’d end up fighting at some point. And now this Cerrone and Perry thing. Not knocking them necessarily. It’s a cut-throat sport and in the case of GSP and Jones, from a business and success POV they absolutely went with the right guy in both cases. Still, it seems to be a pattern there where the guy who was there first ends up being the one to go. Whether they jump or they’re pushed out it seems to happen there more, or at least it’s more high profile, than the other major camps. You don’t hear of the likes of AKA, ATT etc having these issues. This latest case with Cerrone is making me think it was Winkeljohn at the root of it all along. Greg Jackson seems to be liked by everyone affiliated with that gym and of all the fighters that train there, I think it was quiet telling that it was only Diego Sanchez that stuck up for Wink. Not really a peep out of Jones, Dodson, Arlovski, Waterson etc. Unless I missed it. 

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