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25 minutes ago, deathrey said:

Now, I know I was advocating apples earlier and I'm not taking that back but that green colour on food is awful. They could have mellowed it a little to look less slime like.

That's the thing, if they called them apple dodgers, to me it sounds much more appealing than something coming from ghost busters 

I had a look in b and m earlier, none in my local store for local people 

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Only party rings but the hole is too big 

What the fuck are those?! They look like a prop from the set of Dev Alahan's corner shop.

Probably delivered by 'the biscuit man' on a weekly basis.

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Going back to chocolate orange, tesco do Chocolate orange bourbon creams now. Not tried them myself after the dissapointing rhubarb and custard ones

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It seems the smiley face jam cream biscuit in family circle is no more

Replaced with a jammy dodger 

I am a broken man sad crazy ex-girlfriend GIF

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I have found a new love, these, i love a shortcake, and my biscuit taste is that of an old man. I only got one pack at 30p, but i will be getting more later this week as it is 4 for £1 and saving a pack for my nan, mostly as i feel guilty for eating most of hers! 


However, i do not like these, luckily i only paid 25p, i do not recommend them


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