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Fatty Facesitter

UKFF Fantasy Booking Classic 2018

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Haha what an interesting semi-final! Well done @Supremo - the video with the theme from The Bill and the "PAIGE HERE!" text definitely pushed you over the line, I laughed so loud seeing those. And well done to @WeeAl. I hope you win. Obviously 😋

I wasn't overly confident with mine for a couple of reasons - the ending was kinda low-key and not feed-good like my previous ones; people are sick of Trump and might not have even paid attention to the little things I was referencing; and I think I peaked with the Velveteen Dream in the previous round. I really struggled with an ending and at one point I had around 8 different possible culprits (Taker, Hassan, Kennedy, Trump, London, Rikishi(!), Linda McMahon, and Vince himself). Maybe the confusion shows. If I had more words to play with I wanted a much longer Trump v Hogan "lie-off", and a full segment of old legends saying they killed Vince before Austin comes out and batters them all.

Is there a 3rd/4th place play-off? 😉 I hate those things!

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More culprits :/

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Congrats to @WeeAl. I saw the Joe entry and thought I was toast, because it was so damn close to what I wanted to write (Joe as opponent, tying in the UPW beginnings, Chase for 17 versus Career) that doing the same thing but with a few differences would be a lame duck effort, so had to rack my brain to make it a totally different beast with a totally different type of opponent, a big gamble. Still, kudos my man, this final should be fun.

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For the first time in the history of this prestigious fantasy wrestling booking competition, the two finalists will actually be able to PICK their OWN scenario from the list below. Simply state your choice and go with that scenario. Note, both posters don't need to post the same scenario. 

In terms of deadline, we're only waiting on the two entries here so just et those puppies in as and when you can. I'll see where we're at on Monday, and with a bit of luck we can get this wrapped up and crown a winner by the end of next week. Happy booking, and congratulations again to our finalists @WeeAl and @Supremo, you bloody stallions. 

As for a word count, would 2500 be good with you both? Let me know! 

Here goes nothing...



A scenario previously run in the competition, this scenario invites the booker to book a full on Battle Royal or Royal Rumble scenario involving a cast made up entirely of UKFF members. Endless possibilities here and lots to be left up to the imagination here! 

  • Book a 30-Man UKFF Battle Royal or Royal Rumble match
  • Must be made up entirely of UKFF'ers (guest appearances from wrestlers in real life are welcome providing there is some relevance to the forum)



Last year's final scenario returns again for the 2018 competition! It seems almost unthinkable today considering the vast sums of money the company has at it's disposal, but this scenario once again pits the WWE as a wrestling entity closing it's doors, gone to annals of time, forever. 

  • Book the very last show, the very last night of World Wrestling Entertainment. 
  • Book the whole of the show from start to finish. 



There have been some absolutely belting entries for previous scenarios in this thread so far, and lots of posters commenting on how they wish they' have gotten certain scenarios handed to them instead. So this offers our finalists one last opportunity to do just that. 

  • Book a previous scenario from the competition of your choice that you haven't previously worked on already. 
  • Same rules haded out to that scenario will apply here (except from the word count). 

Any queries as ever then just shout up. 


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Two very different, great scenarios right there. Each one would involve a different approach I feel. The Rumble one could be great, but I'm not sure I spend enough time in Off-Topic to do it justice. I'll have to have a think of an idea for both and see which one I prefer and then I'll let you know over the weekend man. Hopefully I'll have a bit of time on Sunday morning to work on getting it done up. Looking forward to it! 

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Yeah, I don’t follow the forum enough to do that UKFF Royal Rumble. I’ll probably go for the Final Night of WWE. 

EDIT: I’ve got an idea I’m happy with but with family and work commitments the earliest I’ll be able to write it all out will probably be Wednesday or Thursday.

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Book the very last show, the very last night of World Wrestling Entertainment. 

Book the whole of the show from start to finish.

The Set-up

WWE make the decision to go to Saudi Arabia on November 3rd. Instead of just doing a show without mention of where they are, they go full blown yet again with the propaganda. The stock price crashes. FOX & USA pull their TV offer. Sponsors decide this isn't for them. House shows were already in the toilet, but now they are a money loser rather than breaking even. WWE try to run their TV shows on The Network for 6 weeks but are haemorrhaging money. Vince holds a conference call mid December:


"It is with the deepest regret, that I announce the closure of World Wrestling Entertainment, as of the morning of December 27th. Our last night of operation will be December 26th, in our home, Madison Square Garden. Rather than a mourning of the death of WWE, that night will serve as the biggest celebration that we have ever had. Thank you"

It's announced on wwe.com that as a nod to history, there would be a Survivor Series match, a King of The Ring tournament with previous winners and current stars, as well as an all star cast in the main event, The Last Royal Rumble - for the WWE Championship. The event would be called The Final Chapter. 


It was always going to be here, it couldn't end anywhere but MSG. 


Cole: "Feel the electricity in the air Corey"

Graves "It's certainly going to be a night we'll never forget". 

Vince: "Move over Cole, I'll shout at you from the desk tonight rather than from Gorilla"

Graves: "Would you stop."

Voiceover man tells us we're sponsored by WWE Network, introduces the show and we head to the opening VT:

The Card:

Survivor Series 10vs10

Hardy Boyz/Uso's/Rusev/Elias/RVD/Goldust/Savio Vega/Ahmed Johnson


Big Show/Ziggler/Jericho/Lashley/Almas/APA/Hardcore Holly/Revival

The Fink is doing the introductions as he should be. Elias sings. Goldust has Marlena in tow. Ahmed waddles out with a 2x4, chases Faarooq, both men being counted out. JBL follows to help his mate. Hardcore Bob shakes his head and beats the fuck out of Matt, Goldust and Savio, eliminating all of them. RVD gets one back by pinning Ziggler. An Uso double team eliminates Big Show. Jeff pins Lashley. Bobcore with the Alabama Slam on Elias. Codebreaker for RVD. Jeff beats Lashley. Revival and Uso's go to a double countout following dual ropes with all four not making the count. 

Jeff/Rusev Vs Almas/Bobcore/Jericho.

matchka kick for Almas, Swanton on Y2J, Vince: "Whata manoeuvre to Holly!"

Cole: "For the win!"

This time it's for the win. Rusev&Jeff stand tall. 

King of the Ring (US Title defended at every stage) Quarter Finals. 

Ken Shamrock b. Wade Barrett in 2 minutes. Belly to Belly, Anklelock. 

Kurt Angle b. Shinsuke Nakamura in 5 minutes. Counters a Kinshasa attempt into an Angle Slam for the 3. Angle is the new US Champ. 

Velveteen Dream b. Billy Gunn. Gunn is airbrushed on Dream's tights. Dream hits him with the Fameasser and the Purple Rainmaker. 

William Regal w/Tajiri beats Booker T w/Goldust. Goldust tries to kiss Tajiri on the outside. Sir William is horrified. Booker loves it and does the spinarooni. He stands up arms in the air and gets brass knucks to his chin for his troubles. 

The New Day are making pancakes backstage in catering. Every fucker you've ever seen on TV is back here in catering. Khali is milling about talking nonsense. Ahmed tells Todd Pettingill he is still looking for Faarooq. Repo Man appears to have knicked Jimmy Hart's megaphone. Animal is telling Heidenriech how he can sneak up on Michael Cole. Santino and The Honky Tonk Man are arguing over who was the greatest IC Champ of all time. 



Last ever Women's Championship match

Becky Lynch Vs Ronda Rousey. 

Vince: "The two best female athletes in the WWE are going to crown the undisputed Women's Champion here tonight".

Former women's champions surround the ring to make it a Lumberjack match. Ronda chases and batters Lynch early, but Becky makes a comeback with the aid of cronies on the outside. Heat segment for Becky follows, with Ronda cutting her off with a judo throw countering an attempted stinger splash. Ronda wins with the armbar. 


King Of The Ring Semi's

Kurt Angle b. Ken Shamrock. Battle of the ankle Locks. A very grapple heavy match, but Angle gets the nod by having been the more active in recent years and having "less" rust. 

Velveteen Dream beats William Regal. Regal does everything here to allow Dream to shine on the big stage. Dream is heading for the finals following the rolling DVD. 

WWE Tag Team Championship

The New Day Vs The Bar Vs Undisputed Era

The three teams are given a guard if honour on the way to the ring. Such former champions as Demolition, New Age Outlaws, Dudley Boyz, Nasty Boys, Bret Hart, Animal, Money Inc, The Steiner's, Sparky Plugg, Benjamin and Haas, The B-Team, La Resistance and Kenzo Suzuki.

Two men in the ring to start with everyone else in their corners having to tag in. Quick tags all round. The Bar take control early. Undisputed Era make a nuisance of themselves, continually stopping Big E making the hot tag to Kofi. Eventually they slip up and Xavier woods cuts them off, Big E tags Kofi, they hit the Midnight Hour on Strong and it's party time in NYC. Booty O's and pancakes fall from the ceiling. Unicorns and Beach Balls float all over the arena. New Day ride a rainbow float all the way down the ramp, out onto Broadway and through NYC. 

King Of The Ring, for The US Title.

Kurt Angle Vs Velveteen Dream.

One last, classic performance from Kurt Angle. The clock is rolled back to 2002. A career maker for Dream. He gets the pin after 2 purple rainmakers, in Angle's best match in years and Dreams best he has ever had. 

Vince: "There are a lot of men and women who can't be here with us today. They gave their lives for me and for all of you. They may be gone, but they'll never be forgotten. Vince asks for a ten bell salute, followed by images of all our fallen heroes on the screen, with Elvis singing If I Can Dream over the PA.

Intercontinental and Universal Title Unification Match

Seth Rollins Vs Dean Ambrose. 

Commentators acknowledge the Universal title is cursed, so it's unified with the IC title here. 

Cole: "It's the BIG DOG!" 

Roman Reigns is joining us for commentary. He wants a front row seat to witness his two friends put on a classic. Seth meets Dean coming down the ramp, not waiting for introductions. They brawl all around the technical area. Seth dives off a balcony. Dean takes the upper hand and throws him off the stage through a table. Back in the ring Dean hits dirty deeds but it's only enough for 2. Rollins comes back with his superplex combo, misses a frog splash, Ambrose with dirty deeds again only for two. Seth won't be beaten. Ambrose heads for a chair, he misses and Seth superkicks him in the gut, setting him up perfectly for a kerb stomp onto the chair for three count. Seth Rollins is the last ever Intercontinental and Universal Champion. 


Vince: "It's time for the main event, not just if the evening, but of all time. The Royal Rumble for the WWE Championship. All former winners have been invited, along with top stars from the past and present, battling to etch their name in history. 

WWE Title Royal Rumble Match

AJ styles and Alberto Del Rio start. Quickly they are joined by Kane and The Miz. The action speeds up as X-Pac makes his long awaited return. Heel kicks and Bronco Busters galore. Brock Lesnar arrives and clears the ring of everyone but AJ. Woooo! Richard Flair enters and gets flair flopped quickly by Brock. "This is not fair to Flair!" Shouts Graves. HOOOO!! Duggan is here. . . NOOOO! He's gone again as Brock sends him flying. McIntyre, Nakamura, Mysterio, Daniel Bryan and Kevin Nash all join the fray next. Then the glass breaks

Stone Cold is here! He clears house, sending Shinsuke, Nash and McIntyre flying! 


Punches are flying! Austin, Lesnar, Austin, Lesnar, who is going to fall first! They get interrupted beating the shit out of each other by Randy Orton, Braun Strowman and Batista all entering in quick succession. Shawn Michaels arrives, along with Samoa Joe and Edge. HHH is in next and the beef in the ring is mounting up. Strowman eliminates Mysterio and Orton, then carefully dumps Edge on top of them. Everyone is looking exhausted except Strowman. Braun sets his sights on Austin but Stone Cold manages to duck and the big man goes sailing over.

Bret is after Austin! Bret and Austin brawl around the ring, eventually being cut off by the entrance of Cena, who takes out both men with clotheslines and eliminates Bret. 

It's the Rock! He's after Brock Lesnar. DONG! Here comes the Undertaker! The Deadman sends Bryan and Joe to rest in peace. The clock counts down and we have. .  .CM Punk! Punk returned, burying the hatchet with Vince for one last payday! Punk goes after AJ. We have only two slots left (I don't know, I didn't count, roll with it) . . .


Graves: "I've got goosebumps Michael" 

Vince: "You ain't seen nothing yet!"

Vince sets the headset down, rips off his jacket and shirt, "You didn't think that I was just going to sit here all night did you?" Vince slides into the ring and dumps out CM Punk. Vince and HHH team up and eliminate Shawn. The rest of the ring turn and decide they are having none of the bosses antics and all hoist HHH and Vince and dump them together onto Punk and HBK on the outside. Batista eliminates Taker, Lesnar clotheslines Batista and both men tumble to the floor. We're down to four. It's Austin, Hogan, Rock and Cena. Rock and Austin pair off and Hogan and Cena. Cena F-U's Hulk over the top because he's a mental bastard brother, and wants a big moment, spine of dust be damned. Austin with the stunner to Rock and Rocky flips backwards right over the top rope. We're down to two men now and it's anyone's call. Stone cold, on this night looks like he has turned the clock back twenty years. Cena looks as if he's aged twenty in the last two, but one last push for either man is all it takes. Austin stomps a mudhole. STFU, five knuckle shuffle. AA from Cena and Austin looks toast. Cena tries to throw Austin over the top and Austin reverses it to win his fourth Royal Rumble and become the last ever WWE Champion!

COLE: "This match came down to four of the biggest WWE stars of all time, the ultimate Mount Rushmore of the WWE"


Vince McMahon takes the microphone. He is joined in the ring by everyone who appeared on the show.

"I could do a long speech, talking here for hours. But I just want to say, thank you for all of your support over the years. Goodnight and God Bless." 

The show closes to a fireworks display the likes of which WWE has never done before, inside and on the roof of MSG, as Frank Sinatra's My Way, plays around the arena. 



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Wrestlemania 35


After a shit load of fireworks, Shane McMahon makes his way to the ring, smiling, taking it all in for one final time.


“So this is it. The final night. Now, I’m not here to get into the politics and the gory details as to why this’ll be our last night. What I’m here for is to promise you that we’re going to go out with a bang. In fact, the reason I’m out so early is because in order to deliver to you guys what I’m planning, I’ve got to leave immediately and be taken to a safe location. You see, since this is the final night, I figured why not answer all the questions. Why not set the truth free. Why not……UNLOCK THE LOCKBOX!”

Shane leaves as the following vignette is played.

Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn

A new twist, with Sami playing heel and Kevin playing face, these guys have a fantastic opener. The finish comes when Sami looks to use a steel chair when the ref is down, only for a masked man to jump the rail and stop him. Distracted by the masked man, Sami walks into a Pop-Up Powerbomb for the pin.  The masked man reveals himself to be…*dramatic pause*….Chris Jericho! He and Owens stare at each other from across the ring….slowly walk towards each other….and hug to a huge reaction!

They leave screaming, “Best Friends Forever!”


Backstage, the New Day are shown playing PlayStation, shouting and hollering. Hulk Hogan suddenly walks in and the New Day immediately go silent.


Hulk: “Hey guys, whatcha playing, brothers?”

Kofi: “Rocket League…”

Hulk: “Wow, cool.”

The New Day sit silently.


Hulk: “Have you guys played GTA San Andreas? That CJ guy is so cool.”


Hulk: “Anyway, have you guys seen that Black Panther film? It’s great….I thought so, anyway.”


Hulk: “……Eddie Murphy’s good, isn’t he?”


Hulk: “Right, I best be off anyway, very busy at the moment, good speaking to you, lads. Take it easy.”

Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose - Cage Match

After feuding since Ambrose turned, these guys have a wild brawl that ends with Seth hitting a Curb Stomp from the top rope. Afterwards, he sits up with tears in his eyes, clearly hurt that it came to this. As the cage rises, Seth helps Ambrose up, apologising. Dean shoves him away. Seth pleads. “Come on, man. It’s over. We’re brothers. I love you.” Dean turns to leave, when Roman’s music hits. Entering the ring, all three guys look at each other. The commentators describe the hell Ambrose has put Seth through. How Seth just wanted his friend back and wished this had never happened. Slowly, Roman and Seth put their fists out.


After teasing back and forth, Dean does the same and they do one more Shield pose. Dean and Seth hug Roman, crying.


The camera shows a wide shot of an undisclosed location, surrounded by police cars and FBI trucks. We cut to Shane entering a room and sitting beside Hornswoggle.


Shane: “We’ve got a lot to talk about.”


Hornswoggle: “Indeed we do.”

Hornswoggle goes on to explain that he isn’t Vince’s son. He never was. He isn’t Finlay’s son. He never was. He was never even the Anonymous GM. No. All he’s ever been is Vince McMahon’s small, green smokescreen. His diminutive false flag. Whenever the pressure got too much, or the truth was nearly revealed, Vince would pay Hornswoggle a tonne of money to pose in whatever situation Vince required, in order to distract the fans from what was really going on. He knew that campy, silly humour would be enough to take the heat off him and keep the machine rolling.

Shane: “So what’s the truth?”

Horsnwoggle explains that Vince did have an illegitimate son, and his name is Vincent George McMahon. However, to protect this secret he was only ever referred to as, “George,” by the select few people who knew about him. Hornswoggle theorises it was less than five people.

Shane: “So when you were announced as Vince’s son?”

Honswoggle: “The rumours were getting too much. George was very close to being exposed. So Vince had a Plan A and a Plan B. Plan A was to fake his own death by blowing up his limo….but certain things ruined that…so then I was Plan B. Make it look like Vince is being humiliated and sweep it all under the carpet. It mostly worked, too!”

He goes on to explain that this secret son was at first a great help to Vince, having someone as crazy and as maniacal as he was, but over time, as George got more crazed and more obsessed, it nearly destroyed the entire company.

As footage is shown over the top, Hornswoggle explains that George was the one who raised the briefcase at King of the Ring 1999. Vince also greenlit George to run GTV, hence the “G,” with them both finding great amusement in exposing the roster’s secrets and causing conflict.

Hornswoggle: “You see, for as bad as you and Stephanie might be….no offence of course….George was far worse. Imagine every negative trait of your fathers, multiplied by ten. It was all fun and games for Vince and George to begin with, but then things took a very dark turn.”

To be continued…..

Goldberg vs. Undertaker – Streak vs. Streak

Sold as the final dream match, Goldberg comes out first, then The Undertaker. Just before they ring the bell though, someone jumps the rail and grabs a microphone.

“We’re not having a final night without me! I was never eliminated from the Royal Rumble!”

The camera reveals that it’s Maven.


“Sixteen years I’ve been in this Rumble match! You never eliminated me! I’m the greatest!”

Taker goes outside and grabs Maven, walloping him with a chair shot.


He throws him into the ring, where Goldberg spears him. Taker chokeslams Maven, then throws him over the top rope. Lillian Garcia announces that Maven is now eliminated from the 2002 Royal Rumble. He’s carried away by officials.

Goldberg and Taker then have a fun, short match with Goldberg winning with the jackhammer.

We cut to Vince McMahon arriving at the arena. He doesn’t arrive by limo though, he’s driving himself, going a million miles an hour, clearly crazed, smashing into what we learn is Shane’s limo.


He gets out with a baseball bat and starts smashing up the limo.



Hall of Fame Ceremony


All the inductees from the previous night are on the ramp, then the headline inductee’s music hits...

The Rock makes his way to the ring for one final promo. Just as he begins to speak though, Elias comes out holding two guitars.

“I’m sorry Rock, but I couldn’t waste this opportunity.”

He throws Rock a guitar, he sits down and they begin to jam to a loud reaction.

Image result for elias guitars two wwe


After a couple of songs, they wrap it up by giving each other a high-five, but of course The Rock turns it into a Rock Bottom. He then delivers one final People’s Elbow, managing to give his guitar a few strums in the midst of delivering it. He celebrates as we fade out.

Backstage, Chris Newinski makes an appearance in the form of a press conference.


“Me and my team have done the research. We’ve finished experimenting. The apron isn’t the hardest part of the ring. The ring post is. SO FUCKING SHUT UP AND STOP GOING ON ABOUT IT. Thank you for your time.”

Andre the Giant Battle Royal

Featuring every superstar they can get in contact with, Braun Strowman eventually wins. He then grabs the mic and asks Alexa Bliss to come to the ring. He then gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him. She says yes. He picks her up and carries both her and his trophy to the back, smiling like a big, goofy dickhead.

TLC Tag Unification Match – Usos vs. Hardys vs. The Bar vs. Undisputed Era

The Usos win a wild match, becoming Unified Champs and going down in history as one of the best teams of all time.


Hornswoggle explains how George and Vince’s relationship broke down as George became more and more obsessed with being involved in the product, wanting to be a wrestler himself and hating that he couldn’t go public with his lineage. He was a McMahon, God Dammit, he didn’t want to live in the shadows! This obsession began to show itself in ways the average viewer never even realised. George sent Booker T that, “I Still Remember!” note to antagonise and hopefully lead to his eventual debut and feud as a wrestler. Vince refused, but did allow him to eventually wrestle as the Imposter Kane.

Image result for imposter kane

This kept George under control for a little while, but his desire to go public and become a wrestler continued to grow. Eventually, George tried to debut himself on Smackdown, during a Christmas break when he knew Vince wouldn’t be paying as much attention, creating his own vignettes and calling himself, “Hade Vansen.” Unsurprisingly, once Vince realised, he put a stop to this immediately.

Shane: “Oh my God, so all this time, I knew what my half-brother looked like and never realised!”

Hornswoggle: “His finger prints and his presence can be seen throughout the history of this company if you know where to look.”








As George got more obsessed and threatened to go against Vince’s wishes, Vince gave him one final role in the hope of keeping him under control – allowing him to be Anonymous GM.

Image result for wwe anonymous gm

Shane: “I’m assuming the absolute insanity that we got from the Anonymous GM gives us some indication of his descent into madness?”

Hornswoggle: “Exactly. Living a lie can do scary things to a man’s brain. Just be thankful you didn’t have to pretend to be behind it in the end! Highly embarrassing!”

Image result for wwe anonymous gm hornswoggle

Hornswoggle explains that after the Anonymous GM debacle Vince decided to put an end to this problem with George and used company money to get him locked up in an asylum for the rest of his life.

Shane: “but we’re a publicly traded company, we’d see that sort of money going out.”

Honswoggle: “McMahon’s Millions was Vince’s way of getting the first large sum of money, with another faked death when he’d embezzled enough, and since then he’s pretended to be starting up the XFL as a way of hiding how much it costs to keep George locked up and quiet.”

Image result for xfl

Shane: “But what’s left to hide?”

To be continued….

Vince is shown going ballistic backstage, failing to get into the production truck, threatening staff, the commentators remark this is a man unravelling in front of our eyes.




WWE Universal Title – Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena

Sporting a shaved head, John Cena goes for the historic 17th World Title win. Brock comes out of the gates early, but it soon becomes apparent that Cena has been working extensively on reversals to the German Suplex. With each attempt by Brock, Cena accomplishes another innovative reversal, until eventually hitting and rolling through to complete three successive Attitude Adjustments, getting the win. Ric Flair comes to the ring to present Cena with the belt and congratulate him on being the greatest of all time.


Women’s Unification - Becky Lynch vs. Ronda Rousey

After a wild sprint of a match, Becky lands a head-kick, knocking Ronda out cold. Becky celebrates as the Unified Champion.


Vince storms to the ring, disheveled, furious, grabbing a microphone.

Image result for vince mcmahon angry

“This is supposed to be my greatest moment, everyone back there, I’m warning you, don’t you dare…”

Suddenly, his microphone is cut off. The commentators explain that Vince has made so many enemies over the years that it’s finally come back to haunt him. Vince screams at those at ringside, but then the footage starts up.


It’s explained that before George was locked up, he’d created a Lockbox and filled it with evidence, DNA, secretly-recorded confessions, everything he had, to prove not only what Vince had done to him, but the truth about Vince himself. He sent two keys for this Lockbox, one to Hornswoggle and one to Shane. It’s revealed through tape recordings that Vince never actually met his Dad, Vincent J. McMahon until he was twelve, which is key in this whole mystery...


After deep breaths, Hornswoggle and Shane collectively announce that the Vince we know isn’t even Vincent K. McMahon at all. The real Vincent K. McMahon was murdered when he was ten by the man in the ring. He was a childhood friend of the real Vince, learned of the fortune that possibly awaited him, so killed him, brushed his hair into a bouffant and took his place. Vincent J. McMahon never knew the difference and every aspect of this man’s entire life has been a lie.  His real name is Alan Tamzarian. He’s a murderer. He’s a fraudster. He’s an embezzler. He’s conspired to have someone illegally locked up in a mental institution. Perhaps most importantly, he’s not a McMahon at all and this company should’ve never belonged to him. All the evidence ever needed to send him away for the rest of his life is in this Lockbox. The final shot is of Shane handing the Lockbox over to the authorities.

“Vince,” drops to his knees in the arena.

Police suddenly surround the ring and arrest, “Vince.” He’s dragged through the crowd, followed by Stephanie screaming for answers.


As he’s placed in the police car, Stephanie is still screaming.


“Is it true Dad?! Is it true?! Dad! Am I at least still your favourite?! Do you at least love me?!!”



The blue lights are seen flashing into the distance.

WWE Title – Samoa Joe vs. Daniel Bryan

Having won the Royal Rumble, the storyline is that doctors have warned Bryan about competing tonight. He’s one blow away from damaging himself permanently. Joe has promised to leave him brain damaged, but Daniel Bryan is determined to win the title no matter what. The Rock, Stone Cold, Hulk Hogan, John Cena, Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Roman Reigns, Triple H and Shawn Michaels come out for this final ever WWE Title match. There’s a long pause, then CM Punk’s music hits too! The crowd go apeshit, only for Samoa Joe to come out, smiling, with it switching to his music instead.


Daniel Bryan comes out to a huge ovation, with everyone doing the Yes chant.


After a brutal match, Bryan makes a huge comeback and wins with the Yes Lock. As the crowd go crazy, the former champions get into the ring and present Daniel Bryan with the Winged Eagle Belt. He celebrates on their shoulders as confetti falls and fireworks go off.


We cut to a shot of an empty corridor, with Howard Finkel walking down it. He stops just short of the camera, takes one last look around, laughs to himself, then switches off the light.



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Fixed some pics.

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Fantastic work Supremo, I absolutely loved reading that, especially Fink turning off the light and the video at the very end. Incredible stuff.

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For the sake of balance, Supremo's is obviously great fun but WeeAl's is spot on what WWE would actually book, right down to Vince's speeches. 

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Cheers guys. Yeah, shout out to WeeAl’s great entry. He did so much stuff I was considering that it forced me to go in a completely different direction. 

I was really tempted to do an adaptation of, “A Christmas Carol,” with Vince as Scrooge but I couldn’t figure out how to structure it in 2500 words. However, now that I’ve come up with that idea there’s absolutely nothing I want more than for them to do it on an episode of Raw or as a Network special. Imagine how much fun that could be. Get some actors in who look wrestlers from the past. Bring Zach Gowen in as Tiny Tim. It’d be mega!

Edited by Supremo

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