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Well Creepy Experience

Sergio Mendacious

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Had an utterly bewildering and unsettling experience earlier, really had to share it.

We've go this fancy catbox from a company called ModKat, it's a white cube that the cats go in through the top, helps with the pong and makes it harder for them to through their litter around. We recently upgraded to a bigger one because of having two adult cats now, so the smaller one is up for sale. I mean, it's a box that cats shit in, so that's not really going to impact the resale value — this one even comes with washable liners.

Anyway, put it on Craigslist, and some bloke said that he would like to come and take a look at it. Should have set off alarm bells — it's a white shit box, and there were pictures. Anyway, want to sell it, so I took a break from a DIY marathon to go downstairs and show the bloke. He'd come on the bus from Inwood, right at the top of Manhattan, which was nuts. Said he had to pick up a friend along the way.

Got downstairs, and it felt like I'd fallen into a Harold Pinter play, or Waiting for Godot. The bloke we'd been communicating with was a late middle-aged Mexican bloke, wearing a three piece suit made from three different suits, and a genuine belt made from electrical cord. The friend was an ancient white guy in a NASA hat, kagoule (in 80+ weather), and a genuine pocket protector to stop his pens leaking on his shirt.

They had some real killer conversation — I explained that, as in the ad, the box didn't include a liner, and after a lot of explaining, I got the guy to understand that he could buy them on the internet. His friend got really mad with him, and sarcastically asked where he was supposed to get that sort of money ($30 for three), and how he was supposed to buy them on the internet. The Mexican guy got downcast at that, and told me that he'd have to pass, and went to catch his three hour bus ride home.

Genuinely one of the most bizarre encounters I've ever had.

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I lived in Sydney for a time with a few buddies . One Saturday morning I said to the lads “I’m off to the shops, you want anything “. Nope was the answer.


About 2 mins into my 5 min walk I ran into a panicked man in his 50’s. He was all excited and told me he was in a huge problem and could I help ?


He said that he has been cooking in his apartment and briefly stepped outside the door which promptly closed behind him. He said his gas or whatever was on and it would likely cause a fire if someone didn’t turn it off soon. Problem is that he was locked out !


He said that the only way in was a window that was open, problem was that it was about 40 feet off the ground. He had a ladder but said he was afriad of heights. His request was could I go up the ladder , in the window, turn off his cooker and then let him in. 

I was obviously suspicious, thinking this is some sort of scam and there are people going waiting for me inside who are possibly going to kill and eat me, in said cooker no doubt.


So I said , “I’m not sure about this” but he he was getting almost frantic saying that he will need to call the fire brigade soon if I can’t help him.


Against my better judgement , I trusted him. I don’t mind heights so up I went , in the window. Not before having a serious look around , I more or less had clenched fists getting in his window. 

Sure enough, his cooker was on and he was genuinely locked out. His story all matched up. I let him in and he nearly wept in gratitude . He had 100’s of rip-off replica soccer jerseys so he gave me a nice Roma one before I left and went about my day.


i went back to my mates after being away less than 20 mins, saying “you’ll never guess what happened to me”.....




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