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This argument is a fuckin cure for insomnia isn't it? Fucking hell.

Oh Edwina!  

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Having not heard of her until last week, I am now a huge Maki Itoh fan. She's hilarious. Foul-mouthed and emotional, consumed by her failures but convinced that she will be even greater. Her introductory tweet to AEW was 'HELLO MOTHERFUCKERS'.

She also has complete (and rightful) disdain for her fanbase, particularly her male fanbase. She is happy to put up thirst/weirdly-fetishy pictures, but calls all her fans simps (including Jon Silver, and she's now retweeting lots of calls for her to be involved with the Dark Order). And it turns out Jim Cornette, shockingly, doesn't get her at all.


Her (NSFW) response:



Cornette is not ready for someone this good at social media. She couldn't make much more clear how little his opinion matters to her. Brilliant stuff.

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Of all the people to still bust out the phrase 'J**' about an Asian worker, I absolutely would chuck a fiver on Cornette accidentally rolling it out while he does his million word rant.

Cornette, he's like the wrestling uncle we loved because you knew no better and he knew all this cool knowledge and was a bit of a character, now some people would have preferred if his laptop had been raided and he vanished forever than a weird ranting bloke. He's got no goodwill left to piss away. Still, it's a living.

Not an attempt to body shame here, I don't want it seen that way, but Cornette is such an odd shape for a human too. Watch him, I can't figure it out, it reads weird.

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