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This argument is a fuckin cure for insomnia isn't it? Fucking hell.

Oh Edwina!  

Is it not because there’s not much else they can brag about? They never really sold out this and that, or broke any records. The Kliq were all in the post-Hogan dark ages of no money, and Ciampa could

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3 hours ago, Egg Shen said:

dont watch this one if you're squeamish...


Just… how?

“That’s a nasty injury, son. How did you do that?”
“Wrestling? Wow, must have been a devastating move from your opponent!”
“No. It was jumping from the ropes.”
“Yeah, I can see how you could land awkwardly jumping from the top ropes.”
“Oh, no. It was just the middle ones.”

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12 hours ago, garynysmon said:

Been chuckling away at the new "Mongo and Friends" twitter page for a good 15 mins now. So much late 2000's goodness and total shite.


Sadly, after putting down the newspaper, Kevin tore his quad.

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The Undertaker v Ant & Dec in a handicap bouncy-castle-of-death match.


My favourite bit is the very last frame with a tantalising glimpse of an Atmosfear trailer.

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