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Bottom has gone from Netflix! Over the last few years I've just felt safe in the knowledge that's it's on there and will always be there ready for a rewatch every few months (and of course essential Halloween and Christmas viewing) but this morning I fancied watching an episode and it's gone! First the League of Gentleman goes from the iPlayer, now this! Legal streaming really isn't the utopia it's made out to be. Looks like I'll be having to buy some of those new fangled DVDs then. Sorry to ruin everyone's Sunday.


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On 5/11/2021 at 7:47 PM, StrongStyle said:

I know the whole "I'VE JUST SPAT MY TEA OUT" trope is tired, but I genuinely laughed out loud to myself on about three or four different occasions in work today when I remembered "THEY BOTH TWAT HIM WITH ASSORTED TOILET BOWLS AND REQUISITES".

Imagine if I'd tried to twat someone with a toilet bowl...

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There was one like that in the pub opposite our Sixth Form college. One day we decided to buy a pack each as it claimed there were “over 100 to collect” ( because let’s face it none of us were getting laid using one of them) just to see what we’d get. It was like buying a kinky Kinder Egg.

They came in packs of two,  one was Sweep from Sooty, moulded arms and ears the works, while the other had a picture of Jon Bon Jovi on it, quite literally giving love a bad name

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Yesterday was the 30th Anniversary of the show first being aired on TV.


Also, the ‘Talking Bottom’ podcast uploaded an interview with Mark Lambert yesterday.

You probably won’t recognise the name, but you will recognise the face! 


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