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The Gerry Adams Cookbook

Gus Mears

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When famous people have been involved with bizarre projects seemingly unrelated from what they are known for.

Inspired by lovable former Sinn Fein leader, Gerry Adams, releasing the cookbook that's sure to be a real stocking filler this Christmas. 


BBC News

Many politicians publish books during their careers, but Gerry Adams has gone one step further - by announcing he is to publish a cookery book.

It is expected to be printed before Christmas and will be called The Negotiators' Cook Book, he said.

The former Sinn Féin leader said it would contain recipes with "some of the best-kept secrets" of the 1998 peace process.

He gave details of it during a talk at a festival in west Belfast on Monday.

Mr Adams later tweeted a photo of the cover of the book.


Good to see Gerry using a pressure cooker for the purpose for which it was created.

Any other examples of this sort of weird crossover? 

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I always saw this video on a shelf among the likes of Easy Rider, Krull, Fire Walk With Me and Reality Bites, in the house of a girl who hung around with us briefly in the mid 90's, by the name of Jackie Davis. I never, ever asked about it, but I should have, as it really threw me off guard whenever I saw it sitting there, and the image of that shelf with this tape sitting there still pops up in my head now and again. 

Who in Ireland plays Softball, and why would they want an instructional video by Michael Bolton? 


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