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Summerslam match review thread - 2018 edition

Otto Dem Wanz

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The biggest party of the wrestling summer is nearly upon us, and along with the cold beers, barbecues and inevitable rainfall, another summer staple is WWE's August extravaganza that we all know as Summerslam. 

Throughout its 29 year history we've seen weddings, Wembley, boiler rooms, heel turns, governors, tables, ladders and chairs (oh my!), as well as a stack of scorching hot contests that have provided us with a huge list of thrilling and memorable moments that in some cases rank among the most notable of all time.

In anticipation of this year's edition I thought it’d be an enjoyable use of our time to cast an eye back to previous iterations of the show, to get acquainted with stuff we may have missed, stuff that we’ve forgotten about or just plain appreciate watching.

I should clarify that a thread like this already exists in the form of @HarmonicGenerator's excellent effort back in 2015, however three years on and with such a broad range of things to potentially cover, it seems like a good idea to revisit the concept and get more UKFF'ers involved (and it seemed to work well for the Survivor Series one I did in 2016).


The rules:

Participants will be assigned a Summerslam event from which they will review one match.

The match chosen is completely up to the user*

Stick a post in here if you want to contribute.

I’ll be conducting a random draw on the evening of Friday 10th August** to allocate a Summerslam event to each user who expresses an interest.

You have one week from then to submit your copy, which means the final deadline for submissions is Friday 17th August.

Please send your responses to me via PM.

* The match you want to review is entirely up to you, but contributions will probably be more interesting to read should they not retread old arguments or go over matches that have been dissected innumerably (I'm especially referring to matches reviewed in the 2015 thread mentioned above) 

** If this date proves problematic for too many people let me know and I can be flexible.

Loose ends:

Ideally we’re going to have 29 users (including me) express their interest in this, if there are more than that I’ll have to cap the entries with a first come first serve rule.

In the event that we don’t have enough contributors by the 10th, those of you up for reviewing a match from more than one event will have a chance to do so. We’ll play it by ear.



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